Tamu is the founder of Three Sixty and her #onemumswish is thoughtful and a different tone to the ones we’ve heard so far. Tamu wishes to parent her daughter in a way that leaves her space to make mistakes and learn from them – she wants her daughter to grow up knowing her whole self, rather than what Tamu, as her mum, projects onto her. Tamu is a life coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker, as well as being mum to her teenage daughter and she brings all of that skill and knowledge into this insightful and encouraging contribution to our #onemumswish campaign. We hope you enjoy it too. 

Ahead of Mother’s Day, we’d love you to share your ‘one mum’s wish’ – it could be something life-altering or something simple, it could be funny or poignant. It’s completely up to you. We just know that it is always good to share, to celebrate how some things make us feel empathy, some less alone, and some make us laugh. 
If you share your #onemumswish on instagram you will be entered into a prize draw to WIN one of THREE Bestsellers Packages with five of our most popular products.


To enter the giveaway, what you have to do is:
1. Post to your *own account* on instagram with your #onemumswish. It can be light-hearted or serious, an image or a video – the choice is yours.
2. Include the following sentence in your caption ‘I am posting my #onemumswish to enter a @dontbuyherflowers giveaway’
(if your account is private just DM us and we will request to follow you so that we can see your entry). Find out more on our Instagram.