What I wish I’d known before I became a parent

I feel a bit weird writing this as I know I am nowhere near ‘knowing’ all I need to know as a mother. This, however, is from someone who has survived the first years with two kids…

1.Shitting in childbirth is the last thing that will be on your mind when a human is coming out of your foo.

2.You may hear a lot about what is best for your baby. You will learn what is best for your baby and as your confidence grows, you’ll also learn people need to shut the hell up.

3. Breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone and it can take some time to work it out. When a friend text me on day two after my first baby and said ‘by the way, if you’re finding the feeding hard don’t worry, I did too’ I wept with relief. I’d been hand-expressing droplets in to a pipette and feeling like a failure. And sure enough, we worked it out in the end…

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