Our next Spotlight Q&A is with Laurie Hooper, who co-founded The Natural Deodorant Company in 2015 after feeling frustrated at the quality of the cream deodorant product she was using at the time. The company has experienced steady growth as the number of consumers seeking out natural and sustainable products has grown. When we were researching products to add to our Stand Up To Cancer Care Package, we were looking for a product that was effective but natural and free from any nasties that might upset skin made more sensitive by cancer treatment so we were delighted to find this product that fits the bill so perfectly. We are delighted to add another UK-based small business to our suppliers so we asked Laurie some questions about the business. 

Tell us a bit about how The Natural Deodorant Company came about?

We launched in 2015 after a long and unsuccessful search for a decent natural deodorant. Having worked in the big beauty industry for many years, I had decided I wanted to find natural alternatives for my bathroom essentials. Natural deodorant was the biggest let down. They all said ‘reapply as needed’ on the packaging, which seemed ridiculous. I wanted to put deodorant on in the morning and feel confident all day. Once you realise you need to reapply deodorant, it’s a bit late! We started making our own at home and realised that our deodorants were much, much better than everything else we’d tried. We decided to make a little batch to offer to family and friends…and the rest is history! 

How have you found the last 12 months?

It’s been really tough! We’re still a small team and the pressure we’ve faced with Covid and Brexit have been all-consuming at times. In addition to all that fun stuff, in the midst of the past year a couple of competitors burst onto the market with huge amounts of investment and for a moment I wondered if we’d be ok. But here we are! I feel like the win was that we kept peddling and we came out the other side! We survived! 

Have you learned anything new in the last 12 months that you will be keeping? 

Absolutely. I’ve learned that we are all resilient and brave- individually and as a team. That’s something I refer back to everyday. If we can get through the past year, we can get through anything. 

What are your plans or ambitions for the future of The Natural Deodorant Company?

Now we can breath again…lot’s of new scents, teen deodorants and continuing our mission of getting our cream deos into as many hands as we possibly can! 

A lot of our packages are sent for people going through something, whether that’s illness or a break up or a tough time at work. What’s your go-to product or thing to do when you’re feeling the need for TLC? 

When I need to take care of myself I try to put my phone down, take time away from social media/emails and try to sit quietly (with the dog, or someone who’s happy to be cuddled preferably). I also love long walks in the woods, or watching Friends. I can pretty much recite all of the lines now, but it’ll always be my go-to feel good tv show.

What is the best gift someone has ever bought for you, or the most thoughtful thing someone has ever done for you?

It’s the little things for me. My boyfriend sending me voice notes of our songs, dancing to Lionel Richie in the kitchen while we make dinner or my daughter leaving little love notes hidden in my bedroom. 

If you had to use one NDC product for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?

Clean Deodorant Balm For Men. It’s a gorgeously crisp, clean fragrance in my fave formula. Clean Deodorant Balm is perfect for daily use and I use it for gym days, duvet days and everything in between. 

What makes you laugh? 

My crazy fox red lab, Roux. Dogs are just so full of joy. She makes me laugh every time I take her out for a walk! 

Words to live by? 

From one of my all time favourite books.

“Whether you are brave or not cannot be judged by people on the outside. Sometimes being brave requires letting the crowd think you’re a coward. Sometimes being brave means letting everyone down but yourself.” Glennon Doyle

You can find The Natural Deodorant products in a variety of our packages.