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Featured Selection

Liv’s Alone by Liv Thorne

To accompany Livs’s book ‘Liv’s Alone’, Liv selected Spacemasks Self Heating Eyemask, to block out the world and relax; Willies Cacao Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds because there may not be an actual willy or nuts in their life, but this makes up for it; Pantherella Cashmere Socks to keep feet warm during fertility treatment; and a Luxury A5 Notebook to get those 9.2 billion thoughts whirring round the head onto paper.

Author Selections

These authors with books available in DBHF gift boxes have created their ultimate selection of products to accompany their book. We love seeing what they put together, and it might help inspire you with your choices!

Ellie Jane Taylor's Gift Box Selection

To accompany her new book My Child and Other Mistakes, which is an honest account of becoming a mother with heartfelt accounts of struggles AND boob-related japes, Comedian and Actor Ellie put together a gift box that would be a great as a little indulgent treat. The products include; Spacemasks Self Heating Eyemask, as it’s so soothing, Traybakes Salted Caramel Brownie Sharing Slice, that in her words ‘says it’s for sharing, but we all know how it will end up..”, Cocoba Hot Chocolate Spoon with Marshmallows to go with the brownie and finally a Black Oud Candle, to help feel a bit fancy

Ellie recently spoke with Steph on The Don’t Buy Her Flowers Podcast about comedy and how pregnancy and motherhood really felt  – listen to the episode here.

Dr Caroline Boyd's Gift Box Selection

To accompany Dr Caroline Boyd’s book ‘Mindful New Mum’, Dr Caroline selected This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray because as a new mum, “the cruelest thing is when your baby is sleeping, yet you can’t.”; Teapigs Tea because everyone needs a caffeine kick in the morning; Luxury A5 Notebook to record all the memories and mindful moments; Neal’s Yard Remedies Mothers Massage Oil to massage and sooth the body; and a COOK Voucher because as Dr Caroline says “the last thing you want to do in the evenings is prepare food”.

Helen Thorn's Gift Box Selection

Helen Thorn’s book ‘Get Divorced Be Happy’ is about how becoming single isn’t the end, just the beginning. To accompany her book, Helen chose products that feel like a treat and be mood boosting; Montezuma’s Giant Chocolate Buttons as an “essential”; Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask to for their comfort and warmth; Neal’s Yard Remedies Foaming Bubble Bath – because nothing beats a long hot bath with luxurious bubbles; Lovehoney Boost Bullet Gold Vibrator to “give a special buzz and get your mojo back!”; and a Bei Tempi Mini Prosecco because it’s time to celebrate your new life.

The How To Be Sad Package by Helen Russell

Helen Russell’s book ‘How to be Sad’ explains how sadness tells us what is wrong, what to do about it, and ultimately (although perhaps not obviously) makes us happier! To accompany her book, Helen has selected Eco Bath Epsom Salt Pouch to help muscles relax before bed; Willies Cacao Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds, because in Helen’s words, “it is practically a health food” (chocolate covered nuts!); Rave Coffee because some days can be hard to get through and, finally; Multi Coloured Socks because as Helen says, “when times are tough, a good sock is like a hug for the foot!”

To put together any of these gift boxes or to create your own bespoke gift box, choosing from over 250 products, visit the Create a Gift Box.

Stand Up To Cancer Care Package Contributors

Last year, after working with some amazing friends of DBHF who have experienced cancer themselves in one way or another, we gave The Stand Up To Cancer Care Package a refresh and we asked five new contributors to share what they would put into a gift box of their own to help with some ideas for when people can feel at a loss of what to do.

Create a SU2C Care Package

Dr Anisha Patel

Anisha selected Teapigs Lemon and Ginger Tea as it really helps to settle the stomach and nausea during chemo; Nursem Caring Hand Cream because treatments can be harsh to skin; Love & Strength Necklace because as much as practicalities are important, it feels just wonderful to have some sparkle; Cook Voucher as there is nothing like practical help of food during these times. Finally, Montezuma's Giant Chocolate Buttons because everyone needs chocolate!

Kris Hallenga

Kris selected Glittering a Turd Eco Glitter just because you don’t need an excuse to wear glitter and you should always go for the eco kind! This Works Pillow Spray because as Kris says "this stuff is amazing and everyone loves to sleep"; Neal's Yard Bubble Bath to help muscles relax; Pantherella Cashmere Socks - you can never have enough and there’s nothing more cosy and soul nourishing than getting on your comfy socks in the evening. Finally, Bei Tempo Prosecco because sometimes Prosecco is the only answer and it should defo not be saved for special occasions. Kris also made the great recommendation to add Eco Bath Epsom Bath Pouch and Natural Cuticle Oil which are both now a regular feature in the Stand Up To Cancer Package.

Leanne Pero

Leanne's selected Brown Bag Tiger Prawn Crisps as they are her favourite things in the world and anything tangy really helped her through treatment; Luxury Notepad as Leanne recommends always having a notebook nearby to offload thoughts; YesMum Affirmation Cards because they are small reminders that should be read on a daily basis when going through something like cancer; Natural Cuticle Oil as key for nails during treatment and having something to hand just to moisturise is handy. Finally, a Nio Cocktail because when you can't be sociable anymore, this helps to provide a little reminder of getting back to normality.

Rosamund Dean

Rosamund selected Red Magazine because she felt queasy reading screens during chemo; Cook Voucher as it's so handy to have a stock of delicious meals in the freezer when you’re too exhausted to cook; This Works Pillow Spray because steroids can make sleep elusive; Lambswool Blanket - a cosy blanket is vital to keep the rest of your body warm especially if a 'cold cap' is being used; Spacemask Self Heating Eye Mask as it feels like a spa has come into the bedroom! Finally, Cashmere Socks because you can never have too many pairs of cashmere socks - one of life’s true luxuries.

Darren Roberts

Darren selected This Works Pillow Spray - Darren's wife Nicola introduced him to the wonderful pillow spray as it always aids a restful night's sleep; Spacemask Self Heating Eye Mask because Harriet the creator and founder is saving everyone with these genius eye masks, you can be asleep in seconds! COOK Voucher because there are some days where the prospect of cooking a delicious and hearty meal from scratch are just too overwhelming; Nio Cocktail - Espresso Martini; Darren says "My drinking days are pretty much over but I do still enjoy a cheeky espresso martini as a treat at the end of a meal"; "Sudoku is a brilliant means of keeping the mind active without venturing down the slippery slope of daytime TV; One Green Bottle Water Bottle because it is vital to keep fluids up during treatment.

Stacey Heale

In September 2021 Stacey's husband Greg died five years after being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. She kindly shared what she would put in a package for someone in her position. Black Oud Candle because any opportunity to enliven senses should be taken; Cashmere Socks as luxury is always an essential; Spacemask Self Heating Eye Mask as naps saves lives and these really help; Luxury Notepad - writing is essential for recording and understanding emotions during this time; and finally, Cook Voucher because cooking is normally the last thing on someone's mind.

Stacey chats with Steph on The Don't Buy Her Flowers Podcast about Cancer and grief - listen to the episode here.

If you’d like to put together any of the gift boxes above or want to create your own bespoke gift box, select The Stand Up to Cancer Care Package where you’ll find all of the products listed in our contributor packages and more.