Every pregnancy is different so when we’re thinking about the right gift to buy our pregnant friends we have to think about what they might need. They might be finding pregnancy exciting, in which case it makes sense to send a gift that shouts ‘CONGRATULATIONS!’ but some mums-to-be find pregnancy anxiety-inducing, or exhausting. Sometimes it’s a mixture of all three. 

The best gift for a pregnant friend is something that takes into consideration the way she is feeling and while it’s important to let your pregnant friends know you are there for them, sometimes this isn’t enough. Whether it’s their first baby, or their fourth, many mums-to-be don’t want to trouble their friends or feel like they’re being a ‘burden’ so they might not tell you if they’re feeling a bit wobbly or could do with some extra tlc. 

Care packages for a pregnant friend

If you suspect your friend needs some extra support, you might like to send her one of our Care Packages.

Our original Care Package was the first gift box created by Steph, our founder, back in 2015.  It has since had a refresh but the idea remains the same – it’s a gift box that’s all about saying ‘sit down and take a few minutes to yourself, you deserve it’ and contains a selection of lovely treats to make her feel looked after. You can tailor the Care Package to suit her tastes and interests by choosing from a range of magazines, chocolate, and Traybakes bars, which means it’s a really thoughtful gift, perfect for making her feel cared for.

Steph, DBHF’s Founder, with her newborn

Create a Pregnancy Care Package

If you’d like to send her some pregnancy-specific products in her Care Package then you might be interested in building your own gift using the Create a Pregnancy Care Package option. Whether they are feeling tired, unwell or need to put their feet up, the Pregnancy Care Package has a selection of gorgeous, caring products to choose from. 

You can create a completely bespoke gift by including Beauty or Skincare products so she can pamper herself, or a variety of products to help her relax such as delicious scented candles, or This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. The Create a Pregnancy Care Hamper also includes a range of snacks and drinks suitable for pregnancy, plus a selection of fiction and non-fiction books that she can curl up and rest with. You can even add a little extra something for the brand new human who will be joining the world soon, if you don’t want him or her (or them!) to feel left out 😉

Basically, the Pregnancy Care Package gives you the opportunity to think about what she needs at this life-changing time, and send her a truly meaningful gift.

Say congrats with this gift for a newly pregnant friend 

If she’s feeling good, and her pregnancy is going well, you might want to send her a gift box to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS! Friendship rarely gets sweeter than the opportunity to celebrate the promise of a new mini-member to your crew and our Bestsellers Gift Box is a lovely way to mark the occasion. 

Delicious non-alcoholic drinks, chocolate buttons, Prosecco, Spacemasks and indulgent hand cream are a few of the products most popular with our customers. This gift box means you can choose your products with the additional confidence that they have been tried, tested and approved of by hundreds (possibly thousands) of our customers. 

A pregnancy gift for her to indulge herself

She won’t thank you for pointing it out (so please don’t say this to her!) but when the baby arrives it will be more difficult for her to spend some time pampering herself. If you know this is something she enjoys, and you’d like to encourage her to take some time for herself now, the Create a Relaxing Gift Box offers a range of products for calming, encouraging sleep and soothing weary bodies. This gift box is another one of our ‘build your own’ gifts which means you can create something bespoke for the ultimate unwind and pamper gift.

Birthday gifts for pregnant friend 

When you think about the ways you usually celebrate her birthday, it might become clear you’ll have to do things a little differently while she is pregnant. If her birthday does fall in the months when she is growing an entirely new human being she might feel like it is not as special as it usually is. Our Create a Gift Box is a really great way to put together an extra-special gift that will show her that her special day is still really important to you, and perhaps for one day it can all be about her, rather than the impending arrival.

The Create a Gift Package is one of our most popular gifts as it offers you the opportunity to put together a fully bespoke gift box from our full range of over 200 products. We have products that will cheer, soothe or spoil her, including indulgent beauty and skincare products, luxury accessories like cashmere socks and silk eye masks, as well as our full range of snacks, treats, beverages and refreshments. Whatever kind of ‘vibe’ you want to create with her birthday gift, we are confident you’ll find something suitable in the Create a Gift Box.

Bespoke gift boxes with bubble bath, notebook & pamper products

Helpful gifts for first time mums 

First time motherhood can be a daunting prospect and some mums-to-be find solace in a good book, either to escape into, or to give her the inside-scoop on what is about to happen. We often offer books in our Book Gift Box written by maternity experts or experienced mums that will help her navigate all the uncertainties, and we also update our other non-fiction and fiction titles regularly if you think she’d prefer to read something completely unrelated to approaching motherhood.

The Book Gift Box also includes chocolate buttons, crisps and beverages so will set her up perfectly for some time alone, with only her book for company.

Best non-alcoholic gift for mums 

Mums-to-be and new mums have every reason to avoid alcohol but that doesn’t mean she has to stick to sparkling water or a sickly-sweet lemonade. The Mocktail Gift Box has been created for those who love a cocktail, but without the alcohol. This gift box includes a choice of delicious Highball alcohol-free drinks and snacks for a tasty evening-in that will make sure she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on all the fun.

Don't Buy Her Flowers Mocktail Gift Box

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