Mums are especially good at doing things for other people but it can be a struggle to find a gift to buy them for special occasions like Mother’s Day. Mainly because we want to find something really unique and well-deserved!

Sometimes mums do things purely with love, sometimes it’s done with love but a bit of exhaustion and ‘would you just pick up your own shoes’ frustration. Really, we should be heaping praise and showering them with gifts all year round because they keep this show on the road. However, Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to show some appreciation for all that she does.

Is your mum hard to buy for? 

The thing with mums is, a lot of them put themselves at the bottom of the list. Which can make them hard to buy for – ‘oh don’t worry about getting me anything, a nice card would be lovely’. And we’re sure she means it BUT if you do want to get her a gift, it’s not always easy to know what to get. Although she might be grateful for anything, you actually want her to feel spoiled and have a present that she can really enjoy, and even something that might help her move herself up that priority list.   

What do mothers really want for Mother’s Day?

To relax.

Some space to breathe.

To feel appreciated.

Mums graft all year around, and we should be making this a day that is all about them. How they relax and take care of themselves will vary depending on who they are – it could be relaxing beauty products, it could be cosy socks and a good book, it could be the perfect G&T and some chocolate. It could even be a combination of all of the above! Whatever it is, we want her to feel spoiled. 

In a recent survey that we carried out with our customers and the DBHF community we found that 70% of women said the gift they would most like to have received as a new mum was a ‘bit of TLC, just for me, at an exhausting time’. Only 1% wanted flowers

What are some unique Mother’s Day gifts?

Anything that helps Mum to unwind as this probably isn’t something she does enough of. Also things that are personal, that really show you have thought about her. We asked some of our customers about the worst gifts they had received, and the theme of the terrible gifts was a total lack of thought – kitchen appliances, food she didn’t like (including a raw chicken for a vegetarian. I mean COME ON) and bathroom scales for someone who had mentioned she wanted to lose weight. The ultimate gift is thoughtful, and personal to her as not all mums want the same thing. Which is where our bespoke gifts come in.

Thoughtful gifts for difficult to buy for mums

We can definitely help you here as our mission at Don’t Buy Her Flowers is being thoughtful. Think about what she likes, what makes her happy, what does she not have enough time for. It’s in the detail – does she prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, a romance novel over a thriller, a cuppa over a gin. We’ve already found the best, quality products, you just need to choose the ones you know she loves and we’ll gift wrap it all together.

Left it to the last minute as struggling to find something?

Just because you’ve left it a bit late, doesn’t mean you can’t be thoughtful this Mother’s Day! We will be taking orders up until the last minute and if you select Next Day Delivery, it will be there the next day for Mother’s Day. 

For the organised, you can pre-order Mother’s Day gifts from February onwards. Select pre-order at the checkout and we’ll get your package all ready but send it out to arrive just before Mother’s Day, so you can tick it off your list (and feel a little bit smug).

The 8 Best Mother’s Day gifts for ‘hard to buy for’ mums

  1. Create A Mother’s Day Gift Box
  2. Create A New Mum Gift Box
  3. Create a Sleep Well Gift Box
  4. The Feel Good Pamper Box
  5. The For Her Gift Box
  6. The Cocktail Gift Box
  7. Create A Relaxing Gift Box
  8. The Gardening Gift Box

Mother’s Day gifts from anyone who’s struggling for a great gift idea

Our ultimate gift box – the Create A Mother’s Day Gift Box – is the holy grail of buying thoughtful from a wider selection of great quality gifts. All our gifts have been lovingly selected for Mother’s Day, so all you need to do is pick and choose the perfect gifts with your recipient in mind. Add a thoughtful message (handwritten on a tag by our team) at checkout and voilà, the rest will be taken care of by us.

Mother’s Day gifts from daughters

We know that mums love sleep, and usually wish they had more of it. Even if there are no longer young children in the house, no one ever quite gets over those long, long nights of the early years. The Create Sleep Well Gift Box contains products that are all about unwinding and encouraging some Zzzzs, whether that’s a touch of luxury with a silk pillow or eye mask, CBD oil or calm balm for her pulse points, delicious hot chocolates and treats and everything needed for a relaxing pre-bedtime candlelit bubble bath. 

Mother’s Day Gift from sons

The Feel Good Pamper Gift Box is a gorgeous selection that does what it says – help mum to pamper herself and feel good with a luxurious bath soak, moisturing hand cream and revitalising face mask. The beauty of this package is that if you’re feeling unsure about putting products together, we’ve already done that for you. All that’s left to do is come up with a gorgeous message letting mum know how brilliant she is, and we’ll handwrite that on the tag and beautifully gift wrap the lot. 

Mother’s Day gifts from husbands or partners 

If you would prefer a ready-to-go gift, we have a number of set packages.

Choose from The For Her Package, which comes with a calming skin balm, hand cream and eye mask, as well as a choice of G&T or Prosecco as well as some giant chocolate buttons. Or The Cocktail Gift Box, which includes two yummy cocktails, giant chocolate buttons and a savoury snack.  

If you enjoy selecting your own range of gifts to add to your Mother’s Day hamper, it’s got to be the Create a Relaxing Gift Box. With this gift, you’re acknowledging that she doesn’t do nearly enough relaxing, and you want her to spend some time on herself. As it’s a completely bespoke package, it lets the recipient know that someone has really thought about her, and mums deserve to feel like they’re top of someone’s list! Give her the tools required to have that long, candlelit bubble bath, favourite refreshing drink, tasty snacks and maybe a good book or the softest cashmere socks. You choose all her favourite things, and all you need to do to make it perfect is give her the time to enjoy it all.

If you want to go bespoke but with a bit more guidance, our Bestsellers Gift Box features all of our most popular products to choose from. 

And last but not least…. Mother’s Day gifts for hard to buy for grandmas

Hopefully by the time mum becomes a Grandma, there’s a little more time to enjoy the things in life she loves. And let’s face it, she’s put in a lot of years of mumming that need to be recognised!

If gardening is Grandma’s thing, The Gardening Gift Box includes a selection of gardening books, tea and delicious biscuits, with some optional add-ons for soothing hands and achy bodies once she’s in from the garden. 

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