We’ve all been in the situation when it’s someone’s birthday (or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas is looming!) and we just don’t have a clue what to buy them as a gift. We know we want them to know we care for and have thought about them, but exactly how to do that – and without taking up masses of time that no one has – can be a bit of a mystery.  

We’ve also all been on the receiving end of a rubbish present. ‘It’s the thought that counts’ is a lovely sentiment, but when it looks like no thought at all has been given it can feel like the other person simply doesn’t care enough to put any effort in. Which is the last thing a gift-giver wants a loved one to feel, but how to avoid it?

After 8 years in the gifting game, Steph has accumulated a fair amount of knowledge in this area, so she has pulled together her top 5 tips for giving presents and ideas that might help you narrow it down. Put these into action and we’re sure they will feel the way you want them to.


Excited? Relaxed? Special? Looked after? Different gifts will create a different feeling in the recipient – are they the kind of person who would appreciate some time to relax in their own company, or would they prefer a celebration? Our Cocktail or Mocktail Gift Boxes are perfect for creating a celebratory vibe, but if you’re looking for something more chilled the For Her, or For Him Gift Boxes might be a better choice. 


Do they love dark or milk chocolate? Do they love curling up with a book or a crossword? Do they like to be treated to some luxury?  People often signal what they would like as a gift by what they buy for themselves. When in doubt, look at what they already have and go for the luxury version of that – it rarely fails.

Most of our gift boxes offer a range of products so you can tweak and change the contents to perfectly suit the likes and dislikes of the recipient. If you want to create an especially thoughtful gift and personally select every item, the Create Your Own range gives you the ability to do that. The Create a Gift Box is our best seller and offers a choice of over 250 products so you can make it just right for the individual. 


Ask yourself what they enjoy doing. What would they do more of if they had the time? If they love to read, you can choose from a range of fiction and non-fiction books to add to lots of our gift boxes, including The Book Gift Box.

Or perhaps they live life at a breakneck speed and would really appreciate some time to relax at home. If that sounds like something they would appreciate, we have a range of pampering gift boxes such as the Create a Sleep Well Gift Box or the Create a Relaxing Gift Box. If Gardening or Crosswords are more their thing, we also have gift boxes to suit.

One word of warning – we’ve heard some horror stories that because some people spend lots of time ironing or cleaning or cooking it is assumed they must enjoy these things. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! If it is attached to a task that has to be done around the house, it is not a good gift unless they have specifically asked for a new vacuum cleaner, ironing board or similar. And even then, you could be the person to give them something way more enjoyable! 


Do they like to shop local, or support small, independent businesses? Are they conscious about the environment? Do they like to support a particular charity or organisation?

For example, if they’re Vegan, you could fill a gift box with lots of Vegan goodies from our Create a Vegan Care Package. Or if you know they’d like to support Stand Up To Cancer you could put together a selection from our Stand Up To Cancer Care Package, knowing that we make an annual donation to support the charity with their essential work.

Reflecting what is important to them through your choice of gift is a sure-fire way to show them that you listen to them, value what they have to say, and you have given their gift some thought. 

Cancer Gift Box with How To Live When You Could Be Dead by Deborah James


Think about what is happening in their lives at that time and what they might need. 

Moving house, starting a new job, having a baby are just a few occasions in life when stress levels might be high. Lots of our recipients have told us that receiving a gift that says, ‘We know things are hard at the moment and we’re thinking of you’ can really lift their mood and make them feel loved and supported.

If she’s pregnant, you can put together a gift box from a range of specially chosen products using our Create a Pregnancy Gift Box; our Create a Wedding Gift Box allows you to select products to create a particular mood whether it’s one of celebration or relaxation.

Our Care Package is the first gift box Steph offered when she launched Don’t Buy Her Flowers 8 years ago and it continues to make recipients feel looked after by offering some encouragement to take some time for themselves. 

Pregnancy Gifts

In conclusion

The key to it all is thought. We know from our customer’s feedback that feeling thought of makes people feel cared for. Who wouldn’t want their loved ones to feel that?