Ahead of the MADNESS of Christmas and as we feel our stress levels start to rise, Steph chats with Psychotherapist and author Emma Reed Turrell about People Pleasing.

Emma explains the four different types of People Pleaser, and they discuss how it can impact friendships, relationships and parenting. Steph also learns it’s not just about being ‘nice’, it’s actually about wanting to control people’s reactions and usually has some deep rooted beginnings from our childhoods. Crikey. 

Emma gives some advice on how to enjoy Christmas and not spend it only pleasing others while feeling a *little* resentful, they discuss the joy of Die Hard and circling the Radio Times, and hear from some listeners who want some help with their people-pleasing ways and navigating family drama ahead of the festive period. 

Emma’s book ‘Please Yourself: How to Stop People-Pleasing and Transform the Way You Live’ is available in DBHF packages from 9thNovember. 

Emma’s Instagram @emmareedturrell

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