With a critically acclaimed career in music that has been going for more than ten years, a chart-topping podcast, three kids aged five and under and a batch-cooking obsession, Jessie Ware is definitely in the Rush Hour, juggling it all and sometimes questioning whether she’s doing it right.  

As a self-confessed oversharer, in this episode Jessie talks openly with Steph about pregnancy and babies, how relationships can struggle when children come along and how starting the Table Manners podcast in 2017 gave her a creative outlet when she felt a bit lost as a mum in the music industry. Steph and Jessie also swap gross (but perfectly natural!) tales of bodily fluids and birth when talking about Jessie’s pregnancy podcast, Is It Normal?

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For information about Jessie’s latest music and tour dates visit www.jessieware.com

Jessie performing Wildest Moments at Glastonbury in 2015

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