Oof, Dr Kiran Rahim – a paediatrician and mum of three – is here with some cracking truths. Steph asks Kiran about her experience of the fourth trimester, and how it differed after her third baby compared to her first and second, when she finally listened to her mum and focused on looking after herself, letting others look after her and staying in her bubble. Steph had a very similar experience after her third child.  

Kiran talks about her experience of Burnout, which she describes as the worst thing she’s gone through in her life, and left her with a loss of identity and hope. They discuss the dangers of labelling women ‘Superwomen’ when they appear to juggle everything well, as they can then struggle to admit or recognise when they’re not ok, and the increased expectations that can come from South Asian culture.

Kiran and Steph also discuss the idea that ‘Motherhood isn’t enough’ and Kiran’s statement ‘the biggest trial our marriage has ever faced is having children’, how counselling has helped, and the power of vulnerability. 

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If you need someone to talk to, contact Mind.

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Kiran on the She Speaks, We Hear podcast

Steph wrote about Pulling Up The Drawbridge after her third child

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