Steph chats with Laura Belbin AKA Knee Deep in Life and Victoria Emes, two brilliant comedians who separately have taken social media by storm, leading to hundreds of thousands of followers, books, a stage show and then together, they have created the Podcast ‘No Holes Barred’, where listeners write in with their frankly disgusting stories. Obviously Steph asks them about the grossest ones.

Laura and Victoria chat openly about how they fell in to these careers, their plans for Christmas, the challenges of motherhood and how to talk to new mums without terrifying them. They also discuss how they handle social media and then reflect on 2022 – an emotional rollercoaster of heroes, villains, crushes and triumphs. They talk about their love of each other, and it is delightful to hear two people that have clearly built a really genuine relationship based on respect and support as well as smut and hearty guffawing at how crackers life can be.

Listen to the podcast here

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