‘The Book Your Dog Wishes You Would Read’ is written by the person they might wish was their owner, and we think it is a perfect addition to our Create a Dog Package. Louise Glazebrook is a Dog and Puppy Behaviourist who you might have seen on the TV talking sense about how we can best welcome dogs into our lives and families to make sure everyone is happy. Louise was kind enough to answer some of our questions about her personal and professional life – read on for her answers and her top tip for adding a dog to family life.

Tell us a bit about why you chose to become a dog and puppy behaviourist?

I’ve been obsessed by dogs from the moment I could walk. I set up on my own, working with dogs over a decade ago and it has been a journey of many lessons! Nothing could have prepared me for the challenges of being self employed.

How have you found the last 12 months?

I think having smallish children during a Pandemic, with no childcare and living in a small little house in London. We don’t have enough rooms for me to have my own office, so trying to do things online or attempting to write the book was so incredibly hard. I felt envious of those people with garden offices, studio spaces or living in big houses with lots of room. I remember once being on a zoom call and my son sitting outside the closed door, crying and posting notes under the door to me. It was so intense and I can’t quite believe that the book is here in my hands, it feels like a dream come true and even sweeter due to the difficulties of the past few years!

Have you learned anything new in the last 12 months that you will be keeping even once life (hopefully) returns to normal?

Definitely. I became much better at saying ‘no’ and really choosing where I want to spend my time both in work and in my personal life. My daughter has some SEN needs and it really helped me make some changes to my working life and how I want to address that balance. During the last year or so I felt utterly overwhelmed, with the way we as a society were treating dogs and it weighed on my mind so heavily, which is where I came up with the idea of setting up the Puppy Club – an online membership for those with pups. Writing the book also felt like a huge thing I could do to help dogs now and in the future.

A lot of our packages are sent for people going through something, whether that’s illness or a break up or a tough time at work. What’s your go-to product or thing to do when you’re feeling the need for TLC?

I tend to just want to hibernate in my bed with the dog and the kittens. My job is incredibly emotional and you end up taking on the feelings, thoughts and emotions of those you are working with so I do try to book in back and neck massages at the Shoreditch Spa, who do hot stone treatments. I seem to carry all of my upset and worry in my back and neck after an accident when I was much younger and these are the only things that seem to truly help me. I love the Olverum bath oil, which is made by clients of mine, with a great little dog called Olive! I only really eat dark chocolate and I’ve just discovered the oat milk dark chocolate by Happi. Plus, how could I forget a massive Aperol spritz!

What is the best gift someone has ever bought for you, or the most thoughtful thing someone has ever done for you?

My husband Kyle had an Anya Hindmarch big bag made for me, with an amazing image of our Bulldog Cookie on. Sadly we lost Cookie a few years ago so it feels even more special now. I’ve always loved Anya’s work and I still use this bag many years on. My best friend Joe always buys me the Silken Favour cushions, these are just incredible.

What would be your top piece of advice for someone thinking of adding a puppy or dog to their family?

Oh my goodness. Where to start? Well, first off; read my book! Then I’d say the most important thing to consider is what is the right dog for you. I beg people not to rush into it. To do their research and to understand that choosing the right rescue dog, the right puppy, the right breeder, the right type of dog is everything. As if you make the right decision the rest will flow, if you don’t then you are in for a very, very upsetting and rocky ride.

What makes you laugh?

My Autistic daughter has me and my family in stitches, people tend to think of Autistic kids not having a sense of humour but I find this to be so wrong! I’ve just listened to the ‘My Therapist Ghosted Me’ podcast with Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally. When I’m driving between clients and listening, it has me in stitches. They are so rude!

Words to live by?

Dogs Rule.

You can find Louise’s Book in our Create a Dog Package.