Antonia Philp is a Paediatric Transplant Nurse and co-founder of Nursem Skincare. She lives with her husband Jonny and 2 boys. 

Launching Thought-full conversation with DBHF Founder Steph Douglas

DBHF is founded on the idea of thoughtfulness but we know thinking of others isn’t just about gifting. The plan is for Thought-full to be a series of conversations, which we want this to be about hearing and learning from people with different jobs, backgrounds, views and finding out what makes people tick. Sometimes Instagram feels like we’re supposed to have all the answers and opinions and we want to get some input from other people, as we know we definitely don’t.

Steph spoke with Antonia Philp, a Paediatric Transplant Nurse and co-founder of Nursem Skincare – a brand we have stocked for four years and who recently went on Dragon’s Den and received offers from ALL FIVE dragons! They talk nursing, parenting, starting a business, working with your husband and of course what it was really like to enter The Den.

To mark International Nurses Day we have partnered with Nursem Skincare to create The Nurse Care Package, developed with input from nurses and care workers. Visit our instagram where we’ve got a giveaway.