Redington contacted us looking for a retirement gift for one of their long standing employees.

Redington wanted a specific book and a lovely bottle of red to be sent to a well deserving employee on their retirement. We were able to source both items from different suppliers and wrap the gift beautifully and ensure this was delivered directly to the recipient taking away the hassle from the giftee.

“I was over the moon with how accommodating you were, and I will definitely use you again when we have a bigger order to send out. There just didn’t seem to be a service out there would let us be so specific with the customisation, so was really grateful that you could help. Our other option would have been to order both items on Amazon, but it wouldn’t have been in a gift box and would also have been shipped separately – not particularly what you want for a client gift! Am also happy that we were able to support a business other than Amazon, surely they don’t need the custom!”