It’s been an anxious wait but the results are finally in – they have passed their exams! How do you say “Well done!” and “Congratulations”? Whatever the result, it’s an amazing achievement to celebrate.

Whether it’s your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild passing their GCSEs, A-Levels, Uni exams, Scottish Nationals or Highers, it would have been a stressful time for them.  

Even though you might be celebrating with a meal out or a fun activity, we know that gifts also go down a treat! Teens can be notoriously difficult to buy presents for though. That’s why we have put together a selection of thoughtful gift boxes where you can pick the goodies to suit their specific tastes and interests. 

Vegan Or Gluten Free Gift Options For Passing Exams

When you want to recognise someone’s hard work it’s important to show them you have really thought about what they would like and what is important to them. For example, if the young person you want to congratulate is Vegan, or has a Gluten Free diet, they will appreciate you taking this into account in your choice of gift for them. 

With our Create a Vegan Care Package you can put together a selection of products, confident that everything in there will meet their needs, from the beauty and skincare products, through to the drinks and snacks. Every product is suitable for a Vegan.

If they are allergic or intolerant to Gluten, we also have a gift box specifically for them. Similarly to our Vegan Gift Box, every product in The Gluten Free Gift Box has been carefully selected and is an excellent combination of goodies including the best GF biscuits around, a choice of magazine and the option to swap tea for G&Ts.

Passing exam gifts for her

If she has just received the results for her GCSEs or Scottish Nationals and you’d like to give her a well-deserved pat on the back for all her hard work, the Create a Teenager Gift Box allows you to choose from a range of products that have been selected especially for teenagers.

You can choose from a range of products that will appeal to different tastes and interests, including skincare and relaxation products, a choice of accessories such as colourful socks, cute earrings or – for the environmentally-conscious teen – a reusable cup. If they enjoy reading, you can choose from a range of books and stock them up with delicious drinks and treats to snack on while they curl up in a comfy armchair, or lounge around the pool on holiday, and escape into the pages of a novel.

Teenage gift box with water notebook, pen and chocolate

Another option for toasting her efforts and success is our Mocktail Gift Box which includes delicious Highball non-alcoholic cocktails alongside some tasty snacks to enjoy.

If she’s a little older, you might like to put together a gift box from our Create a Gift range of products. You can choose from over 250 products including prosecco, wine, beers, cider and cocktails and combine them with some delicious edible treats, or pamper products if you know that is something she will enjoy. 

Create a Gift Box with Truffles & Candles

After the stress and anxiety it might be that what she really needs is some downtime to rest and recover so you might like to put together a gift that gently encourages her to take some time for herself. The Feel Good Pamper Gift Box includes three of our trusty favourites often chosen by customers sending some TLC and time out to loved ones. Its aim is to help her relax with some luxury Bubble Bath, a coconut face mask and some indulgent hand-cream.

Passing exam gifts for him

Teenage boys are not known for their out-pourings of emotion, but when he’s stepping out into the world post-exam season, he will appreciate your acknowledgement of how hard he has worked.

Whether he’s your son, nephew or grandson, you can wish him congratulations with a specially put together gift box of goodies that you choose to suit what you know he likes. In particular, teenage boys are renowned for their bottomless appetites, so a gift of some special snacks and drinks just for him, that he does not have to share, can be a lovely way to give him a treat.

Our Mocktail Gift Box includes crisps, chocolate buttons, and nuts with two Highball non-alcoholic cocktails to wash it all down with after you’ve toasted his success. 

Or you can use our Create a Teenager Gift Box to select from a range of delicious sweet and savoury snacks including flapjacks, brownies, chocolate, popcorn, crisps and biltong.

For older students, you can add beers, cider, wine, prosecco and cocktails to the Create a Man Care Package, or we also offer a selection of grooming, skincare and products that he can relax with. 

Care Package for Men from Don't Buy Her Flowers

A number of the products we stock add a touch of luxe to their daily routines so your congratulations extends far beyond the day you actually hand over the gift box.

Some of the most popular products that people add to their gift boxes for men include:

  • Neals Yard Remedies Hair and Body Wash
  • BSkincare Muscle Rub (perfect for any young men in your life who enjoy a trip to the gym),
  • Chocolate Brownie Energy Balls
  • PeriPeri Biltong
  • Salted Caramel Brownie Sharing Slice (that there is no obligation to share)
  • And if reading is something he enjoys, we have a range of non-fiction and fiction books that are always a popular choice

Whatever gift you choose to do it with, the most important thing is to show the teenagers and young adults in our lives that we have paid attention to how hard they have been working.

The last three years have been packed full of challenges for everyone, but our young people have experienced extreme disruption to their education so every little bit of success deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Our thoughtful, bespoke gift boxes are the perfect way to do that.