Do you have a teenager or young adult in your life who’s heading into revision and exam season? Whether they’re your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild, the chances are they’re preparing for some important exams.

For some of them, affected by the Covid disruptions, it might be the first set of official exams they’ve taken and we remember clearly how high the stakes can feel and the stress and sleepless nights that awareness creates.

Wishing good luck to students at a stressful time

Whether they’re sitting their GCSEs, A-Levels, perhaps you’re in Scotland and they’re preparing for their Nationals, Highers or Advanced Highers, or they’re at university, a common feature is the stress and anxiety that often accompanies exams.

So how can you help them feel like you’re listening to their concerns, are cheering them on, and are wishing them luck, without being an annoying, interfering adult? We think one of our gift boxes could be the answer.

You can create a gift box that takes into consideration their age and interests, and because it can be delivered to their door, it respects the independence and privacy many teens and young adults value.

Whether they need some motivation, a caring gesture that says ‘we can see how hard you’re working and are thinking of you’, or you simply want to wish them all the luck in the world, we have the perfect gift box.

Good luck exam gifts for her

Younger teens who are sitting their Nationals or GCSEs this summer might be feeling the strain as it’s perhaps the first time they’ve ever had to sit important exams. 

The Student Care Package is a way of offering some TLC or saying ‘well done you’ve got this’.

If you want to wish them luck our Create a Teenager Gift Box offers a range of products to choose from. This is a build your own gift so you can choose what to put in it that will appeal to their tastes and interests. Options include skincare and relaxation products, or a choice of accessories such as colourful socks, cute ear-rings or, for the environmentally-conscious teen, a reusable cup. If they enjoy reading, you can also choose from a range of books or you can stock them up with delicious drinks and treats to snack on.

Teenage gift box with water notebook, pen and chocolate

An older teen might appreciate something that’s a little more grown up which you can find in a number of our gift boxes such as:

The Care Package was our very first package, all about saying ‘take a break – you deserve it’ and includes lovely things to make the recipient feel looked after. It includes a choice of magazine and reusable cup alongside some delicious sweet and savoury snacks, perfect for encouraging them to look up from their books and take a few minutes for themselves.

In the Create a Relaxing Gift Box, you will find a selection of products for calming, encouraging sleep, and soothing weary bodies and minds. If they love a long relaxing bath you can include bath tea bags or bath foam, along with some tea lights to create exactly the right mood. You might add in a book for them to read in bed, quieting their mind before they try to get some essential sleep. If you know they’re finding it difficult to sleep, you can also add a range of products selected because they can help such as Pillow Spray, self-heating eye masks, or some CBD Oil to help with calming their nerves.

If they’re away from home at university they might appreciate receiving a care package that communicates how much you love them and are thinking of them. A little reminder of home, The Uni Care Package includes an essential pen, a notebook, and a Scentered Mini Focus Balm and to create a bigger, more bespoke care package you can add a few more home comforts. 

If you’d like to choose from a wider range of products, you can choose from over 250 different options in the Create a Gift Box and we are sure you will find something there that will show them you are thinking of them as they get ready for their exams.

Good luck exam gifts for him

We know it’s often harder for teenage boys and young men to say how they are feeling – whether they are stressed or anxious about their exams – but we think that, just like our daughters, they enjoy feeling cared for and looked after even if they don’t express it.

A younger teen might like a gift box full of delicious treats and drinks to help keep him motivated during long days spent revising. We have a range of sweet treats such as sweets, flapjacks, an amazing salted caramel brownie sharing slice (that he almost definitely will not share!) and a range of biscuits, and chocolate. If he prefers savoury snacks you can also choose from a selection of crisps and popcorn and to wash it all down you can add from a range of drinks.

If he’s a little older, The Care Package is a good option for a simple gift that includes sweet and savoury snacks, a choice of teas, a reusable cup, and a choice of magazines including Men’s Fitness, Today’s Golfer and Empire magazines.

Care Package for Men from Don't Buy Her Flowers

The Uni Care Package is also a good choice for young men who are living away from home and who might appreciate a gesture of care, and a little taste of home while they are preparing for their exams. Along with some delicious snacks and home comforts, you can also add in no-alcohol beers, craft beers, cocktails, wine in a can, or cider if that is what they enjoy drinking.

Uni Student Care Package With Notepad, Pen, Beers, Nuts and Biscuits

Sometimes the young people in our lives have special requirements or interests that we need to think about when we’re sending a gift. If they’re allergic or intolerant to gluten, for example, you don’t want to accidentally send them something that is going to make them feel unwell, just at the time when they need to be at their best! 

Gluten free and vegan gift boxes

Our Gluten Free Gift Box is similar to our best-selling Care Package but without the gluten. It’s an excellent combination of goodies to encourage them to take a break from the revision, and have a few minutes to relax instead. It includes the best GF biscuits around, a choice of magazine and the option to swap tea for G&Ts.

More and more often, young people are choosing to become Vegans so we have also created a Vegan Care Package. Like many of our other gift boxes this is a Create Your Own box so you choose the products that you think they will most like. Select from beauty products, snacks, drinks, entertainment, books and more with confidence that all of the choices you make will be appropriate for a vegan.

Making them feel thought of

Whatever gift box you choose to send, you can be confident that it shows you are thinking of them and care for them. Teenagers and young adults might not always be the best at showing their appreciation of such gestures, but you can be sure it will matter a lot to know you are there for them, encouraging them and wishing them all the best for their exams.