Let your loved one know you care this Valentine’s Day with our perfectly bespoke gift hampers full of their favourite things.

Flowers and chocolates are often the go to for Valentine’s Day and as lovely as that is, at Don’t Buy Her Flowers we like to do things a bit differently. All our gifts are about encouraging some TLC and showing some appreciation, so whether you are into grand gestures or would rather keep it simple and subtle, we have a range of gifts that can mark the occasion perfectly.

It might be that you want to send a gift to say ‘I love you’ or maybe it is more about ‘I’m thinking about you’. We have put together ideas and options for all scenarios so it doesn’t just have to be about the traditional Valentine’s Day, it might be more about sending a pick me up or care package.

When thinking about choosing the right gift box for your loved one, there are a few things to consider. Steph, our founder recently wrote about gifting tips to help get it right and we have summarised below:

  1. Think about how you want them to feel – excited, loved, relaxed, cosy, looked after?
  2. Think about their likes and dislikes – do they love dark chocolate or curling up with a book or something quite adventurous?
  3. Think about their interests and hobbies – what do they enjoy doing, what do they wish they had more time for or wish they could do more of?
  4. Think about what they might need – could they do with a bit of TLC as they are always the one doing something for everyone else, do they want to feel loved and appreciated, would they love a date night in as don’t often get time to spend quality time together?


Show her some love and appreciation

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show her you love and appreciate everything she does with a bit of TLC and luxury. The For Her Package is packed full of TLC products including gorgeous smelling hand cream, a relaxing self heating eye mask, a soothing calm balm and a choice of refreshment and delicious chocolate. There is also the option to add a COOK voucher so no one has to worry about the cooking. If you are looking for something more bespoke with a wider selection of products we have The Create a Relaxing Gift Box with everything from luxurious bubble bath and candles to a hot water bottle, cashmere gloves and socks.


Impress him this Valentine’s Day

Why not do something a little different this Valentine’s and go for something he isn’t expecting. Our Create a Man Care Package doesn’t have a joke or trinket gift in sight! You can put together a bespoke gift box that includes things he would really appreciate. From drinks and snacks such as beers, cider, wine or even champagne to chocolate, nuts and crisps.

Something more relaxing like a luxury hair and body wash to soothing muscle rub and face moisturiser along with a good book and some socks, there is plenty to choose from. For those of you who want to select something already prepared we have created The For Him Package which includes two delicious tasting craft beers, nuts, a chocolate bar and some funky socks.


For those who do want to go traditional we have created a Valentine’s Gift Hamper for her, which is packed full of gifts to say ‘I love you’. Delicious chocolate, heart shaped cheese, a bottle of something special and a ‘Love’ necklace. It’s all in there. And for him we have the Valentine’s Gift Hamper for him.


If you struggle to find the time to spend quality time together, often common when you have been together a long time or have kids, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a night together to reconnect and have some fun. You can create the perfect date night in with Create a Gift Box and include a bottle of bubbly, a COOK voucher (so that’s dinner covered) some champagne truffles and a bottle of massage oil. Products that encourage you both to take some time out and enjoy some time just the two of you.


We know there are lots of people out there that won’t or don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but could still do with a bit of TLC and love from the people around them. A gift and message on Valentine’s Day could be just the ‘pick me up’ they need. To know someone is thinking about them or taking the time to send something during a time that might be difficult could just make their day. The Care Package is a popular favourite to make the recipient feel looked after.

The Book Gift Box is perfect for anyone who loves to curl up with a good book and some delicious snacks. And for those who want to stick two fingers up to relationships we have The Break Up Care Package – this includes a range of TLC products, cosy socks and scarves, snacks and treats, and even a vibrator!

Browse all our Valentine’s Day gift hampers for a selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for him and for her.