TW: cancer, death

Steph talks with Stacey Heale four months after her husband Greg died of Bowel Cancer, having been diagnosed five years ago aged 39. Greg was the lead singer of indie band Delays, as well as a phenomenal artist and poet…  

Stacey, a writer, mother of two, and academic in her ‘previous’ life, shares how seeing your partner diagnosed feels and what people can do to help, what becoming a carer was like and how she has coped (or not at times) with his death and the subsequent grief. As big fans of Glennon Doyle, they discuss Overwhelm and not being able to do it all. Steph and Stacey also discuss the difference between expectation and reality of death and grieving and not having time to discuss all the things you think you’ll want to speak about knowing a life is coming to an end. Ultimately, Stacey says she wants to honour Greg by trying to live in a big way, because Life. Is. Short.

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