Steph chats with Comedian, Actor, Presenter AND Author (phew) Ellie Jane Taylor about her career. She’s come a long way since playing Nancy in Oliver aged 17 and they discuss the terror/joy of Stand Up Comedy and some of Ellie’s recent projects including what it’s like to be in the multi-award winning show Ted Lasso (Emmys! SAG Awards! Golden Globes!) as the brilliant Sassy.   

Ellie says new mums are her catnip and in her book ‘My Child and Other Mistakes’ describes how pregnancy and motherhood really felt, with a perfect blend of gentle empathy and honesty, gross-out reality and hilarious anecdotes (she is a comedian after all). She reassures ‘It’s okay to like your child but fucking hate the parenting bit sometimes and to find the newborn days awful…you can hold these two thoughts in your head’ before reassuring new mums that it gets easier. Steph and Ellie finish by discussing therapy and learning to be gentler with yourself, in a very grown up manner. 

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Ellie’s book My Child and Other Mistakes is out in paperback and is also an option in Don’t Buy Her Flowers packages. Ellie also created a package selection, which you can see on our Inspiration Page.

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