The Don’t Buy Her Flowers Podcast returns for season three with Kate Lawler – DJ, broadcaster, Big Brother 2002 winner and hugely honest author in her recently published book Maybe Baby. 

Steph spoke to Kate during what was a crazy week of book promo as well as her partner Boj getting Covid, which meant that as well as being crazy busy, their usual support network couldn’t help. Kate ended up in hospital and they talk about finding the juggle impossible, which has lead to Kate quitting her Virgin Radio job to try and find a better balance and spend more time with her daughter. She describes seeing happiness just in front of her, if she could just stay on top of work, her relationship, being a parent, seeing friends, getting to the gym… and all the things we classically know to contribute to the madness of the Rush Hour we talk about on this podcast.

As well as The Juggle, Steph and Kate discuss the Postnatal Depression Kate describes in her book, getting help after having a baby and the impact on her relationship as well as why they’re not fans of holidays with kids and friends.  

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Maybe Baby: On the Mother Side by Kate Lawler 

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