With four sons ranging from early school age to teens, disability activist Nina Tame talks with Steph about family dynamics, introducing a Step-Dad and how her mothering has changed since having her first aged 25  

Nina was born with Spina Bifida; she educates her followers and advocates for people with disabilities on her Instagram as well as displaying fabulous hair, outfits and interiors. Steph and Nina discuss ableism, access and Nina’s ‘journey’ (sorry) to reclaiming her body, which she admits has taken time, and throughout the conversation doesn’t shy away from explaining how her own views have changed on lots of things.

Listen to the podcast here

Nina wrote for Don’t Buy Her Flowers about her ‘one wish as a mum’ a couple of years ago https://www.dontbuyherflowers.com/motherhood/nina-tame-onemumswish/

Find Nina on Instagram @nina_tame

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