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Create a Gift Box

Build Your Own Package

Put together a completely bespoke gift box to make the perfect thoughtful gift. Whether to celebrate, commiserate or offer some much needed TLC, choose from products to cheer, soothe and spoil.


All Wrapped Up

All our gift boxes are gift wrapped and include a personalised handwritten message.

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44 reviews for Create a Gift Box

  1. Liz Shaw

    just had to write and say a huge thank you! I bought a gift box for my best friend for her birthday and she absolutely loved it! I chose items she could pamper herself with as she’s going through a tough time just now and she’s delighted with everything! So thank you! I’ll definitely be recommending you and using you again.

  2. Rachael

    Just to say thank you for delivering a parcel so quickly I ordered for my friend who is going through a difficult time at the moment. Really glad I found your website!

  3. Katy

    Loved creating this package for my friend’s birthday. It was great to be able to choose from so many lovely products and to be able to create something completely bespoke for her. Her husband is away, her two kids are on Easter hols, she’s up to eyes in work and building dust and this gift package will give her the tools to take time out for herself. Don’t think I’ll be shopping any where else in future!

  4. Kirsty McIntosh

    I live in Australia and my elderly Mum just received her presents.
    I just wanted to say, you guys have great items to choose from and I can feel the strong bond between team members from all the way over here! 🙂
    Great website, great communication, fast delivery, felt in safe hands ordering from overseas, keep doing what you’re doing! Will definitely be ordering again.
    From a very satisfied customer and recipient.

  5. Rachael

    I’ve sent so many packages since I was gifted one after my last baby was born. It’s always lovely to know they are enjoyed. I sent my Aunty one for her birthday and she sent me a lovely message about how wonderful it all was (especially the coffee!)

  6. Serena Thomas

    Thank you so much for your lovely message and for the wonderful customer service.
    I’ve always followed you on Instagram & loved your parcels and messages & now I can highly recommend you!

  7. Judy Drimmie

    I wanted to send you thanks for your wonderful service. My son was due to return home in Cumbria on Friday for Christmas. He lives in London and has just tested positive for Covid. So instead of spending Christmas with us all, he is alone in his flat. I know that there are so many people in similar situations but he is my boy. Being able to send him some treats has made me feel better as a Mum, so thank you. X

  8. Livvy Gormally

    I just received the loveliest DBHF’s care package from 2 wonderful friends- just so thoughtful and perfect for making me feel special and loved. Just thought would let you know your company is amazing xx

  9. Jenny

    My sisters bought me a DBHF parcel as I’ve just had my second baby. The chocolate salted caramel was delicious – I basically ate it in one to myself.
    I was so impressed with the parcel I ordered one for my friends birthday which is arriving today. The website was really easy to use as well and the gifts on there are lovely. I’ll definitely be ordering again from you. X

  10. Kelly Lewis-Towler

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the superb gift….my friend is having chemo and was overwhelmed with the gift box that was delivered.

    I will definitely be recommending DBHF!

  11. Claire Denham

    Just to say that I have used DBHF several times and it’s always brilliant. I’ve never received a box myself (despite hints! ), but my best friend had her second baby last week and I ordered a bespoke box for her on Thursday. Given it was Mother’s Day chaos for you guys, I assumed it would take a few days to deliver it, but she got it on Sat morning. I was so happy as it was just what she needed. Thanks to you and your fab team for being so efficient! x

  12. Amber Jones

    I just wanted to let you know how much my sister absolutely loved it. This was the text she sent me:

    “Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. Words don’t cut it. Tears are what came out. The package just arrived. Beautifully wrapped and so bespoke to me! I’m so touched I’m still crying. Thank you xxx”

    I would definitely have been a repeat customer even without your swift resolution of this issue, but you have definitely sealed the deal and I’ll be recommending DBHF to everyone!

  13. Suzi Jackson

    Dear team, Just a huge thank you for the lovely hamper that arrived today. My sister Kerry said that she had nominated me as an NHS worker. I’m a doctor in Newcastle, on call this wet and miserable weekend, so it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for thinking of me and all of us key workers.

  14. Emily Brett

    We sent a DBHF package and this was the message from our friend Janie: ‘Aaaah you guys are just the best!! Thanks SO much for these amazing treats. It’s everything I love and I feel very spoilt and lucky. Thanks sooo much everyone just amazing.

  15. Holly Matthams

    Thank you for offering such a lovely, kind thing! I absolutely love everything you and your company stand for/offer. I’ve sent a few DBHF packages before and they’ve always been received with such awe and thanks!

  16. Laura Gould

    I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service – my brother- and sister-in-law have today received the ‘create your own’ hamper we ordered from you – they are really thrilled with it – and I can now think of them enjoying treats for much longer than a bunch of flowers would last. It was the perfect way to say thank you to both of them.

    Your website was really easy to use, and you have a great range of products to choose from. I will definitely be ordering from you again!

  17. Ursula McGeorge

    Just to say my two daughters and their families were utterly delighted with the two hampers I ordered this Christmas. Best ever, were their comments amongst chuckles and sighs.
    Great products – delivery as stated. Thank you!

  18. Claire Shute

    Honestly – you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find a wrapped gifting service on-line. I’m so excited to find you! It’s worth it to know for sure that a wonderfully wrapped gift is going to arrive in time for Xmas!

  19. Natalie Jones

    I am based in California, far away from my family and my treasured godmother. There is no other way that I could have picked out such beautiful items from small businesses and personalized it to her without doing it myself which is impossible not only due to where I’m living but also the travel restrictions from COVID.
    She was so delighted, raving about everything from the organic Prosecco to the magazine and the wrapping, ribbons and handwritten card. It all matters so much.
    Nothing will replace being there in person but your gift basket was as close as I will get. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

  20. Sara Ingilby

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for the brilliant packages and super customer service.
    I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you as I’ve ordered a few packages, (last minute!) and they have all been delivered on time and my family and friends have loved them!

    It’s so great to have such a reliable place to go for the perfect gifts.

  21. Helen Griffin

    I’ve ordered from you a few times and the recipients have always been thrilled. In particular two elderly aunts each spending Christmas alone this year have been given a big lift by receiving one of your lovely packages. There are lots of gift companies out there these days but you guys really stand out. High quality products, always beautifully presented, excellent communication about what will happen when. A big thank you to all involved.

  22. Helen Gower

    I’ve today just received a gift from my boss and his family and it’s divine! I’ve said thank you to him (and his wife!) but thank you to you as well but having such a great idea!

  23. Geraldine Cosh

    HI I just wanted to say that I think this is the best idea ever! Especially in these times!
    I have just ordered something for a friend! thank you! and best wishes!

  24. Amanda Thomas

    Another one of your amazing packages ordered! Honestly, your website has helped me out so many times! As a busy (aren’t we all!!) working mum who doesn’t have time to shop and go and stand in a post office queue, your website and products have been absolutely brilliant xxx

  25. Laura Gould

    I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service – my brother- and sister-in-law have today received the ‘create your own’ hamper we ordered from you – they are really thrilled with it – and I can now think of them enjoying treats for much longer than a bunch of flowers would last. It was the perfect way to say thank you to both of them.

    Your website was really easy to use, and you have a great range of products to choose from. I will definitely be ordering from you again!

  26. Emma

    Wow! Just received this from my company as a thank you for being on furlough. Brilliant products, what a treat!

  27. Sarah Stevenson

    Thank you for making it easy to celebrate missed events, comfort far-flung loved ones, and sharing joy while it’s hard to share anything.

    Stay amazing guys! X

  28. Carrie Sparks

    Haven’t seen my mum since beginning of February (like many other people) and she is due to have an op on Monday, I sent her one your lovely gift packages which she received today and it made her cry (in a good way). I was also able to take advantage of the BlueLight discount as am a key worker which was very helpful in this time of economic uncertainty. I will definitely use your service again and will be sure to recommend to others. Excellent job from a fellow “emergency” and much needed service. Keep up the good work and keep your kind staff safe and well.

  29. Ashlee Chandiram

    Just placed an order for my 5th DBHF present, and so excited for my mother in law to receive. Breath of fresh air when thinking of special gifts to send, something for everyone on your website. Just waiting for somebody to send me one now!!

  30. Tanya Copeland

    My package arrived in the post today totally unexpected, from my lovely friend and I adore it! I felt so loved and special opening it and touched by the gifts inside. It came beautifully wrapped. Thank you. Xxx

  31. Kelsey Pickin

    I finally ordered one of your wonderful packages this week. Unfortunately because a friend lost her Father but she was thankful for the thought behind her package. I spoke to her on the phone last night (unbeknownst to her that her package was due to arrive this morning) & she commented at how overwhelmed she was by the amount of flowers she’d been sent. Needless to say she was choked to receive such a different sentiment this morning packed with bits to look after herself with over the coming weeks. A brilliant business you have & one I will absolutely use again xx

  32. Jess Evans

    I ordered our best friends package on Friday and it arrived this morning. She’s a new mum (of a week) and none of us can go near her! (Or our new nephew)
    This package made her sob, but with happiness and delight- so thank you for allowing 5 friends of 29+ years to feel connected during this time xx

  33. Helen Hilton

    I sent my friend one of your lovely gift packages following her recent mastectomy. She absolutely loved it and I think it gave her a real lift when it arrived this morning (AND service was spot on!). She even said how much more welcome it was than a bunch of flowers. Great work x

  34. Beth Fullerton

    Just wanted to say how much you made my mums Mother’s Day. I sent her one of you parcels and she keeps saying how much it cheered her up! She’s even got my dad using the nursem hand cream she’s been in self isolation now with suspected covid-19 which turned to pneumonia. Thankfully she is feeling better now xxx

  35. Kate Nicholls

    Thank you so much for getting my friends create your own package to her so quickly today. I had this message when she returned from work this evening:

    Oh Kate this box it just adorable, thank u so so much means the world ! Xxxx

    I have bought several packages from you and they have always been so well received. It’s just so wonderful that I am able to send something ‘different’ that shows that I’m thinking of someone when I’m not around the corner.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  36. Wendy English

    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do!!! I have sent yet another of your fabulous gift parcels and I know it will be loved!

    I’ve sent it to a very special person to me, she needs some love and cheering up and a hug from a far and today she will feel loved when she opens her parcel.
    Thank you. It’s such a great idea.

  37. Elizabeth Hedron

    I sent a friend a DBHF packed and she was absolutely delighted with it! Her husband’s not well and I thought she needed some TLC. I did her a bespoke package – eye mask, face mask, magazine, choc buttons and Prosecco!

  38. Sue Phillips

    I received a fabulously packaged gift box from your company, sent by my daughter living in LA. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the carefully chosen contents and I’ve recommended you to friends.
    Thanks so very much

  39. Laura Bentley

    My friend adored her DBHF box, particularly the yesmum cards . She’s a third time mum so it’s tricky to know what she’s already got so choosing lovely bits for her, the baby, her older kids and even a cheeky beer for her husband was perfect. Thank you – also everyone in the team was asking for links to the site and raving about the eco friendly packaging.

  40. Sarah Lotherington

    Look what my sister just sent me…

    “Thank you so much for such a clever present!! I love it and will save it for my op week!!”

  41. Amy Brown

    Fabulous gift packages and a brilliant alternative. I love how personal they can be! Using these for every occasion in the future!

  42. Fiona Drysdale

    I wanted to say thank you for your packages. I’ve sent 2 now, one for a friend post baby & another for a friend after she had a miscarriage, they were perfect.

  43. Lizzie Macson

    Just to say a little thanks and well done on ‘Dont buy her flowers’.
    I recently gave birth to my fourth baby (yup 4!!!!!) it was all a bit traumatic he was quite poorly he had a complication & an op which led to a long hospital stay. Quite rightly he took total priority and we rushed around and were all fully consumed by him and willing him to pull through- and he did!! My point though is because of all this the birth and me were totally over shadowed and while that was exactly how it should be one of my lovely friends sent me a DBHF box a few days after we were finally home. And it was the loveliest package. All for me with really sweet and well thought out gifts. I felt it was a real treat and a wonderful well done from her.

  44. Sammi Broadbent

    Some great feedback from my first purchase from DBHF! Really pleased with the box! Great ‘get well soon’ present for my sister in law! I LOVE the design your own box. Thank you! Xxx

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