This episode of Thought-full is such a calm and reassuring conversation.

Dr Oscar Duke, author of ‘How to Be a Dad’ speaks with Steph about the challenges new dads can face in bonding with their new baby, how they too can experience Post-Natal Depression, and how best to be helpful, especially in those early days – and he should know as he recently welcomed his second child into the world!

Steph and Oscar also talk about the ways in which fatherhood continues to change and how the blurring of traditional roles means that both parents need support in figuring out how to parent as a team.

Oscar explains that this is part of the reason why he wrote his book. ‘How to be a Dad’ is available in a number of our gift packages . In the book Oscar explores fatherhood from two perspectives – the doctor and the father – so it is a scientifically accurate, but wholly empathetic book that we think makes a brilliant Father’s Day gift, or a gift for any expectant or recent father. For more ideas, see our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

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