Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for and often receive trinkets or novelty ‘humorous’ gifts for Father’s Day because we’re not quite sure what to get them.

At Don’t Buy Her Flowers, we want to do gifts for men differently. We believe men appreciate something thoughtful on Father’s Day, especially on their very first Father’s Day – just as much as first time mums do on Mother’s Day.

Ultimately it shouldn’t matter if it’s their first Father’s Day, or they’re an old hand, Father’s Day is a great way to show how much we value the dads, step-dads, grandads and father-figures in our lives. And one way of doing that is to put together a gift box that takes into consideration what they like, and what they’re interested in. 

Our aim is to make dads feel as thought of, and cared for, as mums, and we’re here to help if it’s his first Father’s Day and you’re feeling a bit stuck about what to buy him.

What do most dads want for Father’s Day?

We often talk about how rest, time to themselves, and some treats just for them top the list of things mums would like to receive as a gift. Dads are no different. The products you choose for their Father’s Day gift box might be different, but the message is the same – we see everything you do; we want you to take some time for yourself to relax, or do something you enjoy

With our Create a Man Care Package you choose from a wide range of quality products to build a gift box that is bespoke to him. We stock delicious savoury and sweet snacks; hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, beverages; products for grooming, skincare and relaxation; a range of fiction and non-fiction books; magazines for a range of interests; and accessories such as the cosiest of socks, stylish reusable cups, a handmade leather wallet and more.

Care Package for Men from Don't Buy Her Flowers

What is a good first time Father’s Day gift?

Early parenthood is exhausting and life changes at breakneck speed. Pre-baby you’re loved up and spending Saturday afternoon snoozing on the settee, but when the baby lands there can be so much pressure that the cracks start to show. 

If going to the pub is something he enjoys but doesn’t have as much time for at the moment, he might appreciate The Pub Gift Box. You can ‘help’ his baby daughter or son recreate some of the pub experience he might be missing with a choice of beers or cider, and snack options including nuts and crisps. 

Or, if going out in the evening is something you know he misses, he might enjoy The Cocktail Gift Box which includes delicious cocktails and snacks for a tasty evening-in that is a little bit different to the norm. 

You might also think about how he might be feeling at the moment. If he is stressed at the juggle between home and work, or the sleepless nights are really taking their toll, you could put together a gift box full of soothing products to help him relax. Some of our favourites are This Works Pillow Spray and a Spacemask for bedtime, followed by This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel to wake him up in the morning.  If he’s a fan of a relaxing hot bath, you could add some foaming bubble bath or Epsom Salts to his gift box, and maybe a soothing muscle rub for afterwards.

What can I do for my husband or partner’s Father’s Day?

Thinking about what your husband or partner is interested in, and choosing a gift around that is a great way to make him feel like you have paid attention to him.

You can use your knowledge of what he likes to put together a bespoke gift box using our Create a Man Care Package, but we also have gift boxes that are tailored for particular interests.

The Book Gift Box includes a choice of delicious snacks and beverages so you can pick the ones you know he will like. Most importantly you also choose a book for him to curl up with and enjoy while taking a little time away from the business of family life. We have a range of fiction and non-fiction books to appeal to different interests and we’re always adding new titles to make sure we have something new to offer if he is a real bookworm.

If he’s more into getting outside and pottering around in the garden in his free time, you might be interested in The Gardening Gift Box. Whether he’s a new gardener or an old hand, this gift box includes a selection of gardening books to choose from, some tasty biscuits, and a refreshment for when it’s time for a break. It’s a great selection to enjoy in the garden, and if you want to tailor it to him you can also add some extras such as new gardening gloves, extra snacks, or some skin care products to help with the inevitable rough hands (the dad of one DBHF team member is a builder and he swears by Nursem Skincare hand cream) to make it even more personal. 

Finally, The Crossword Gift Box is perfect for anyone whose idea of relaxation is to spend the afternoon puzzling over clues while nibbling on a delicious brownie (sharing is optional) and drinking a hot drink.  

Another gifting tip that will make him feel cared for and looked after is if you think about what he’s been going through recently. If he’s been having a stressful or difficult time you could create a gift full of products to soothe or help him relax. We often receive feedback from customers that one of the things they love about Don’t Buy Her Flowers gift boxes is they can be tailored to the recipient’s needs, rather than containing generic products. Thinking about how he is feeling, and building your gift around that, is a really great way to make him feel like you have really thought about him. 

Whatever gift box you end up choosing, we know from the feedback we receive he is sure to feel like you have thought about him, his interests and his needs. Every gift is also beautifully gift-wrapped and is accompanied with a handwritten message tag so you can tell him in your own words how much he means to you.

If you’d like more inspiration, check out our general Father’s Day gift guide and order him something to make him feel special.