Mum podcasters, authors and healthcare experts Becca Maberley, Amy Campbell, Dr Kiran Rahim, and ‘The Two New Mums’, Amy Voce and Jennie Longdon share their thoughts on what new mums might want.

What do new mums need for themselves?

Don’t Buy Her Flowers started after Steph realised flowers are not the best gift for a new mum as they are one more thing to care for when she is probably doing more caring that she’s ever done in her life. 

People send our gift boxes for many different reasons these days but we like to remember where it all began. New mums are being born everyday; whether it’s their first or fifth, it’s still new and they’re all still in need of care and thought and attention which our gift boxes give in abundance.

What are the best presents for new mums?

When we’re developing our gifts it’s really important to us that we listen to the people who are ‘going through it’ so we recently asked four (relatively) new mums Dr Kiran Rahim, Amy Campbell, ‘The Two New Mums’, podcasters Amy Voce and Jennie Longdon, as well as author and Antenatal and Post-natal teacher, Becca Maberly what they would have appreciated in a gift when they became new mums.

1. Dr Kiran Rahim

Dr Kiran Rahim is a paediatrician and mum of three. She is a knowledgeable and empathetic presence on Instagram and we highly recommend following her account to cut through the noise around children’s health.

In April 2022, Kiran was a guest on the DBHF Podcast shortly after the birth of her third child. She chatted to Steph about The Fourth Trimester and the impact having children has had on her relationship with her husband. We were super impressed with Kiran’s insights and honesty and so we jumped at the chance to talk to her again about what she felt would make a really thoughtful gift for a new mum. 

Kiran chose Teapigs Everyday Brew because ‘let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be half the mother I am without the caffeine’; a Silk Collection Silk Pillowcase, to ‘help with post-partum hair loss as it stops additional falling and breakage’; and a Spacemasks self-heating eye mask, ‘to make the little sleep she will have, as restful as possible.’

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2. Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell is a mum of 4 – Archie, Frank, Charlotte, and her angel baby twin, Esme. Charlotte and Esme were born prematurely at just 26 weeks and sadly Esme did not survive. When Amy put her gift box together, she had a mum like her in mind, a mum whose experience of new motherhood doesn’t look like most peoples’.

For her new mum gift box, Amy chose:

  • an Etta Loves Muslin ‘for those moments of skin to skin. To close your eyes and feel your baby’s soft skin & warm breath’
  • a Salted Caramel Sharing Slice because ‘if there ever was a time when she needs treats & chocolate to get through the day, this is it’
  • an Ecoffee reusable cup, ‘to ensure her cuppa stays warm whether it’s on the drive to and from the hospital or whilst she is there’
  • Nursem hand cream as all of the sanitizing and hand washing takes its toll
  • a set of ‘A Life More Inspired’ Affirmation cards to help her day ‘feel a little lighter’
  • and finally, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to help with the ‘long and anxious nights’

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Amy also included a note from her to anyone else starting their motherhood journey in an unimaginable place.

I spent a total of three months on the neonatal unit. Nothing could have prepared me for that time, as it is a life like no other.  No one can walk in the shoes of a mother of a premature baby unless they have been there themselves. It takes an unbelievable amount of strength to keep going, to put a smile on your face and to not crumble at every hurdle, whether that is seeing your baby in an incubator with all the wires and breathing equipment; being able to talk to your baby; listening to how they are doing on ward round; waiting out the unbearable, nerve wracking amount of time for test results or leaving your baby with a nurse you have never met before, at the end of the day. The list is full of endless fears but somehow, from goodness knows where, probably the mother in you, you are there for your baby every step of the way.

And she ended ‘I hope you find these gifts helpful and are there for you during those moments of challenge. To remind you that you are amazing, that you are not alone and the strength and courage within you is there. You can do this.’

3. Amy Voce and Jennie Longdon

Amy Voce and Jennie Longdon are hosts of The Two New Mums Podcast. They are both first time mums and their babies are under 1, so when we say they are ‘in it’, we mean THEY ARE IN IT, as our first experiences of motherhood were definitely the most mind blowing! 

First time motherhood brought the biggest changes to our lives, work, relationships and bodies and this is what Amy and Jennie speak so brilliantly about on their podcast.

When we asked them what they felt would make a great gift for a new mum, Amy said she would include a Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask because ‘the thought of this on my weary, over rubbed craggy looking eyes makes me feel better’; Skin and Tonic Slow Down Bath Soak because after having a baby, ‘a bath is like a spa day. This is especially good as epsom salts will help muscle aches, of which I had many.’ She also suggested including the Pure Swiss CBD – Calm Oil as ‘it would have been handy to have to hand in those moments of madness (or the 4 month sleep regression!).

Jennie added that she would include the This Works Parent and Baby Duo Set as ‘a good night’s sleep for mum and the baby is exactly what every parent wants’; and a Circular and Co. Reusable Coffee Cup as, like many new mums, she found a daily walk essential: ‘My favourite part of the day is taking my son on a walk and getting some fresh air and head space. A hot drink has to come along.’ Finally, it wouldn’t be a gift for a new mum without a helping of caffeine so Jennie also added our Rave ‘The Italian Job’ Coffee saying, ‘The more coffee, the better. Give her a fighting chance with a real good coffee each day.’

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4. Becca Maberly

Becca Maberly is our final contributor and although she is not recently a new mum, she gave us an expert’s view on what would make a great gift for a new mum as she works with new mums every day. 

The creator of the A Mother Place community, and author of Nobody Tells You: over 100 honest stories about pregnancy, birth and parenthood, said that the perfect gift for a new mum would include:

  • Energy Bank Shower Gel as she ‘will be knackered and anything that helps give her a bit of extra va-va-voom is so needed!’;
  • a Salted Caramel Sharing Slice as ‘we all need treats close to hand to get us through the day!’;
  • English Sparkling wine, so the new mum can celebrate herself

Becca suggested new mums should, ‘Get the good snacks out and share a cold bottle of fizz with friends and family.’ 

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Becca also suggested including an Ecoffee reusable cup to accompany her on the long buggy-pushing days, and to make up for the lack of time in bed, she suggested including a Silk Collection Pillowcase ‘to make sure every second in there feels super special!’ 

Our point of view

What each new mum will want from a gift will vary depending on her tastes and interests but one thing we think most new mums will have in common is they’ll appreciate something that is all about encouraging them to rest and take some time for themselves.

Our Create a New Mum Gift Box is perfect for creating a bespoke gift that will show you have thought about what she really wants and needs at this overwhelming time of her life, rather than gifting her something else that needs to be looked after.