What We Do

At Don’t Buy Her Flowers we ‘do’ thoughtful gifting. We want the person receiving one of our packages to feel loved and cared for, and know that someone has thought about them by choosing a gift package that is just right, whether it’s to celebrate, commiserate or offer the next best thing to a reassuring hug when they can’t be there. 

With over 100 products to choose from which range from beauty to TLC, to alcohol to chocolate,
Don’t Buy Her Flowers is set apart by ‘thoughtfulness’ and the fact that our customers can make a bespoke package that perfectly suits the person they are sending it to. It becomes a physical manifestation of a human gesture. 


Our Story

Don’t Buy Her Flowers launched in 2014, starting with just three packages and Steph packing orders in her spare bedroom. The idea came after Steph had her first baby and was inundated with beautiful bouquets of flowers..

When I had my first baby, I received lots of flowers yet I was feeling completely overwhelmed with everything – the baby, the visitors, the bodily functions – and trying to arrange flowers and then dispose of them was all a bit much, however pathetic that sounds.

What I really wanted during that time was five minutes to myself, to drink a hot cup of tea, do something to soothe my weary body, or just to stuff my face with a biscuit or three! I found that other parents felt the same and that’s how Don’t Buy Her Flowers was born.

Steph Douglas, creator of dontbuyherflowers.com

With her brother in law Alex in charge of the website and Steph’s connection with women through her blog, the business grew quickly and customers began asking for it to be broader than just for new mums. A year later, Steph had some help packing boxes and old school friend Hannah joined to run Customer Services.  In 2016 Steph’s brother Chas became Head of Operations, moving the business out of the house to set up a team and warehouse in Gloucestershire. 

The team has since grown and offers gift packages for all occasions. We’ve worked with businesses on corporate gifting and we’re very proud of our collaboration with Stand Up to Cancer on a bespoke package developed for anyone going through cancer and their loved ones. It’s a really exciting time for Don’t Buy Her Flowers, having grown the team, what we offer and importantly our customers.

Meet The Team

Steph Douglas

Known as The Boss.
Definitely not Bossy. Definitely not…

Chas Earley
Head of Operations

Can be ‘serious Chas’ but is also the most likely person to prank the team.

Alex Rees

Most likely to say ‘that’s a lot of work’ and then always finds a solution.

Hannah Ridler
Head of Marketing

AKA Rids. Also known ‘The Ferret’ due to her capacity to get stuck in and get things done.

Becky Greenaway
Creative Marketing Manager

Our in-house creative whizz. The phrase ‘Becky could do that’ is the answer to a lot of questions.

Daniella Harding
Stock Control & Purchase Coordinator

Enjoys a good product testing session, particularly if its tasting chocolates.

Nic Washington
Social Media Manager

A self-starter with a passion for politics and justice.  Instagram: @toomuchmotheringinformation

Hatty Fisher
Customer & Corporate Manager

A Crossfit Queen. Hatty loves going on adventures and travelling the world.

Rachel Humphrey

Rachel brings expert skills to get DBHF in front of more people. Has the most infectious smiley face.

Hannah Robinson
Head of Customer Services

Loves a list and baking banana bread. Her favourite motto is ‘It’s nice to be nice’.

Cas Ricardo
Operations Manager

Most efficient person you’ll meet. Gets things done and can create the most incredible spreadsheets.

Pam Brosnan
Warehouse Manager

Also known as The Grafter, Pam often has to be told when to stop working. Loves nights with the girls, her family and giggling.

Chloe West
Shift Supervisor & Creative Assistant

Thrives on responsibility – she’d do it all if she could. Partial to the odd trashy TV show.

Emily White
Quality Assurance Assistant

Known as the ‘Geami Queen’, no one wraps a bottle like Emily does. Often found wearing her slippers around the warehouse.