Visit any supermarket before Easter and the displays of hot cross buns, daffodils and chocolate eggs will leave you in no doubt that Easter is around the corner. 

We look forward to the long Easter weekend as an opportunity to gather together with friends and family, while the kids hunt for gifts from a giant floppy-eared trespasser (and probably over-indulge in chocolate). The kids definitely enjoy themselves, but we don’t see why they get to have all the fun so we’ve come up with some alternative, non-chocolate gifts to give the grown-ups a treat too.

Just because gift boxes from Don't Buy Her Flowers

What do you give for Easter instead of chocolate?

We have over 250 products available to choose from, all from British small businesses, so we’re confident you can put together a gift to suit many tastes and interests from the Create A Gift Box.

We have hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, drinks to toast the special occasion with; beauty and skincare products to encourage someone to take some pamper time for themselves; savoury snacks to break up the wall-to-wall Easter chocolate; and fiction and non-fiction books, as well as a range of magazines, so they can sneak away for some alone time (fingers crossed).

We also have a range of non-chocolate related products suitable for ages 0-11 and teenagers that will make the kids feel special and thought of, without the sugary high.

Finally, if you really can’t resist adding a nod to the more chocolate-y Easter traditions, you can also include some delicious Montezuma’s Chocolates Easter-themed treats. Choose from a Milk Chocolate Clucky Egg, Dark Chocolate Clucky Egg, or some Cartwright and Butler Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs for adults! 

Easter Gifts for the Whole Family

The ‘build your own’ nature of our Create an Easter Package means you can put together a gift box that has something for everyone in it. 

Perhaps the grown ups would enjoy a bottle of white, red, or fizzy wine to share, along with some cheese and crackers to nibble on. 

To keep the kids busy while the adults are (hopefully) relaxing, you might add a variety of activity books or craft kits to your family-themed gift box, or choose from our range of fiction and non-fiction books suitable for ages 0-16.

A brilliant Bottled Baking Mini Egg Cookie Mix would give the kids and grown ups the chance to work together to make some delicious Easter treats for the whole family.

Easter Gifts For Her

We think the long weekend could be the perfect opportunity to slow down and take some time out for anyone who is often rushing around. 

If she’s usually busy with work, or is someone who does a lot for everyone else, you might encourage her to take some time for herself by including some pampering products in her gift box. We have a range of beauty and skincare products such as calming balm or luxury bubble bath; and some high-quality accessories such as a beautiful scarf and cashmere socks for that extra-luxurious touch.

Bespoke gift boxes with bubble bath, notebook & pamper products

If she loves to escape into the pages of a book, you could also add one of our fiction or non-fiction books. We are adding new titles all the time, but a couple of our most recent additions are Cleopatra and Frankenstein by Coco Mellors and The School For Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan.

Easter Gifts For Him

Create a Man Care Package are quality products that show you have taken notice of his tastes and interests.

Wine, Craft Beers, or Ciders are popular choices for men, or you can choose from a range of non-alcoholic alternatives if you think that is what he would prefer. We also have a range of savoury snacks that always go down well such as nuts, crisps and biltong.

When we’re in the midst of the rush hour of life, it’s not just women who might benefit from some time alone to relax and soothe themselves. Many of the men in our lives will also appreciate an opportunity to do just that so we also have a range of pamper products especially selected for men including muscle rub, bubble bath and hand cream.

Care Package for Men from Don't Buy Her Flowers

Easter Gifts For a Couple

The long weekend is an opportunity to get out in the Spring air (and hopefully, sunshine) on a long walk.  Top quality tea or coffee, reusable cups, and a selection of snacks can make a Springtime walk even more enjoyable. Especially if they return home to a freezer fully stocked with delicious, nutritious meals thanks to your generous gift of a Cook Kitchen voucher in their Easter gift box.  

Cook vouchers are available in £40, £55 and £75 denominations, and make a perfect gift for anyone who does most of the cooking, as it means they can stock the freezer with delicious meals that will give them some extra time to use however they want to.

Easter Gifts For Grandparents

Even if their pace of life has slowed a little, grandparents will also appreciate a thoughtful gift box landing on their doorstep, especially if they are often on call to support you with childcare. 

Whether they like to spend their time gardening, or are more likely to be found with a cup of tea and a crossword, we have a range of special treats suitable for them.

Easter Gifts for Teens and Kids

You can create a whole box of goodies to send to the kids without adding to the sugar-high they’ll probably already be on! You can choose activity books or craft kits, as well as fiction and non-fiction books suitable for ages 0-16. We also stock notebooks and The HappySelf Journal for any kids or teens who enjoy putting their thoughts, ideas, or sketches down on paper.

In Conclusion

Easter is a time of year when chocolates and flowers (especially daffodils) are the go-to gifts, but if you’d prefer to send something less sugary and more thoughtful, we think our range of products offers you plenty of options.

You can check out our Create an Easter Package, or browse our other Easter gift ideas for something a little bit special.