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The Care Package

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Lovely things to make the recipient feel looked after and encourage them to take ten minutes to themselves. The Care Package was our very first package. It’s been updated since, but it’s still all about saying ‘have a sit down, you deserve it’. For even more gift options, head over to our ‘Create a Gift Box‘.


Lovely things to make the recipient feel looked after and encourage them to take ten minutes to themselves. The Care Package was our very first package. It’s been updated since, but it’s still all about saying ‘have a sit down, you deserve it’. For even more gift options, head over to our ‘Create a Gift Box‘. Includes:

  • Choice of Magazine
  • Choice of Teapigs Tea
  • Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate Buttons
  • Paris Scotland Bamboo Comfy Socks
  • Soap Folk Lip Balm

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47 reviews for The Care Package

  1. Jan

    Thank you. The gift arrived so quickly, earlier than expected and the recipient loved it.

  2. Jennifer Loiselle

    Just wanted to let you know I ordered a care package for my mum-in-law who just had a stroke and is recovering. She received it today and was really touched – thank you for putting together such a thoughtful package!

  3. Caitlin

    Just want to say thanks for your amazing boxes of delights ! Have managed to send one to my mum who is about to start chemo next week and I am working in west Africa feeling guilty I’m not there …but the gin and tonics and red magazine went down a treat . Also so easy to order even from
    Foreign lands !

  4. Caroline Bar

    Just a very quick one to say THANK YOU for such a brilliant option for giving a friend who’s just had a miscarriage a little bit of TLC. The fact that I could even include an interiors magazine (with no chance of potentially triggery content) just shows the thought that has gone into DBHF.

  5. Matilda Jean

    I just wanted to message you to say thank you for making such a wonderful business with an amazing heart to it. I sent your Care Package to my 84 year old grandma last week as her sister died unexpectedly and flowers didn’t seem like a great idea as she already has enough on her plate looking after my grandad and going back and forth to where her sister lived trying to make arrangements. She said that it felt like a hug in a box arrived through her door, and that the magazine let her take her mind off things for a bit. You’ve made her a bit happier in a really crap time and for that I can’t thank you enough! Xxx

  6. Sarah Manson

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you! We ordered the care package for a good friend who recently lost her mum and she sent us the following text:
    I was having a moment this morning, just reliving the last few weeks and realising mum is no longer here, then this arrived!! I cried my eyes out obviously, but how ridiculously sweet of you all.
    It was the perfect gift and hopefully we lifted her spirits even if it was just for a brief moment! It’s such a lovely gift I’ll def do it again! X

  7. Lindsay Bodman

    My friend loved her care package which we sent to her after an operation. It’s brightened her day. Thank you

  8. Catherine Carver

    Used your service for the first time and our new mum loves the present – will use you again – great value and much better than flowers.

  9. Carolyn Rolph

    Can I say a big thank you to Hannah for helping me send a much needed package to Australia. My sister & her husband loved the gifts and the cats loved the box & ribbon so the whole family enjoyed it! Thank you

  10. Gemma Richmond

    I received one of your packages after a recent hysterectomy and my goodness, it was so beautiful and thoughtfully put together. What a wonderful company and I look forward to using you myself in the future! Fantastic xx

  11. Joanne Compton

    Just want to say thank you because my friend loved her care package so much she just sent me this…..
    Oh my goodness!! You guys are absolutely the sweetest and most thoughtful friends! Thank you for my awesome delivery, spot on selections!!! Chocs already sampled, G&T is chilling in the fridge whilst I read my mag wrapped in the beautiful scarf! Love you all lots xxxxxx

  12. Hannah

    I sent one of your lovely care packages to a friend of mine who is going through some stuff. I just wanted to say a huge big up for creating something that allows people to share love and caring that’s so much more appropriate than a bunch of roses!

  13. Lisa James

    My lovely friend has really helped me with laundry, food etc during renovation so I thought I would send her one of your lovely packages to say thanks. Seeing her message she loved it! ‘I just received a box of delights! It was a really lovely surprise. I love everything. You did not need to do that I am always happy to help you. I feel very appreciated which is lovely’

  14. Elizabeth Callaghan

    We sent a package to one of our antenatal group and she just sent us this:

    “To our lovely, lovely friends. Thankyou SO much for the gift!! We’re really touched. So thoughtful of you all. You’ve made me well up (never takes much does it?!).
    What an amazing idea to send to new parents too – genius!! “

  15. Nicola Howarth

    Another happy customer – just received this from our friend we sent a package to:
    “I came home to the loveliest box of gorgeous goodies! Thank you so much, it was such a lovely surprise and I can’t wait to sit down with my magazines and chocolates on my own!! Thank you ladies you’re the best, I’m delighted xxxx”

  16. Nicola Marques Butler

    Thank you so much, she loves it and shed a little tear!

  17. Caroline Hetherington

    “Have u been an extremely naughty kind silly brilliant and generous friend?!?!??? You are so lovely. I actually cried. I think it’s one of the kindest gifts I ever got, thankyou from the bottom of my heart, I am truly blessed xxxx”

  18. Hattie Peters

    I’ve just received a lovely don’t buy her flowers package in the post as a birthday present. What a great idea! Absolutely love it! Great packaging too. Thanks Steph, Helen & Steve) x

  19. Charlotte Peach

    I have a friend who lives miles away and knew she was going through a tough time. Sometimes when people are really going through it you can’t find the words and all you want to do is give them a hug. Sending her this was the hug I couldn’t go and give her and she loved it. I’ve been lucky enough to receive one of your gifts and knew how touched I was but it also felt just as lovely sending one to someone else.

  20. Sarah Biddle

    Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safety in Germany today and my friend couldn’t have been more pleased! She sent me this:
    ‘Oh Sarah I’ve just cried I was so happy with the box of goodies you’ve sent me!!!!! I had no idea what it was, thank you so so much, oh now I’m crying again, it’s so lovely of you. I’m going to make a brew and scoff the shortbread. Thank you, thank you!’

  21. Charlotte Gray

    I got this message from my friend I sent a package to this morning – “Can I please marry you?! 😀 What an incredible surprise!!!! It put a big smile on my face for sure. I can’t thank you enough, really. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

    Thank you! You have such a wonderful business! Xxxx

  22. Emma Morritt

    I sent my very best friend one of your amazing gifts for new mums this week. She absolutely loves it, I’m so glad you exist so I have been able to treat her as she masssively deserves it! Thank you so much

  23. Purdey Silvester

    ‘Thank you so, so much for my lovely pack – I really am the luckiest girl alive to have such good friends. I woke up really grumpy this morning but it has completely perked me up! I cannot wait to get stuck into it all – it will be the perfect way to spend New Year’s Day.’

  24. Lucy Heyworth

    THANK YOU for making a friends day yesterday by getting this order to her so quickly. She loved it and was the perfect treat to send to perk her up.

  25. Sarah Bishop

    ‘thank you so much for my new mummy parcel full of goodies! It’s such a thoughtful idea, love the thermos-genius! It’s was lovely to receive it this morning after a crappy night! You are awesome xx’

  26. Brooke Owusu-Bempah

    my friend loved her gift.

    “Thank you so much for my lovely box of treats! I love it and have tucked into the flapjack already! And the scarf is really gorgeous! What a treat, thanks!”

    Thank you!

  27. Amy Cope

    The care package sent to me by sister in law was a wonderful surprise and really brightened up a rather exhausting week. It was beautifully packaged with a lovely gift card and had an array of treats inside. The caramel flapjack was particularly delicious and I am wearing my super soft scarf every day.

  28. Bernadette

    Thank you for your beautiful gift and being so clever to think about what mums really need.

  29. Lydia Esp

    Just wanted to say thank you to Steph, great gift, great service – 100% recommend to all. Good luck and may you continue to grow

  30. Flora

    Just to say thanks for sending the gift to my sister. She is a busy working mum of two and has been a bit run down. She called me close to tears yesterday to say she had got her box and said it was like getting a hug in the post. Such a good idea!

  31. Lisa Bayliss

    My friend absolutely loved her package!! It also made her cry. Thank you so so much for your wonderful service

  32. Jane Hunter

    Well it wasn’t for a new mummy but instead a very special Auntie. Thanks so much for delaying delivery & I think it’s safe to say Andrea Shiels was delighted with her surprise! Lovely packaging & great customer service

  33. Hannah Reuben

    Thank you so much for the brilliant care package you sent to my new Mumma friend. She was overwhelmed, this is the feedback she gave me: “Thank you so much for my parcel. I am home alone with the bubba today as Harry has gone on a stag do so it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Thank you, thank you! I love the scarf and I’m going to make myself a lovely Teapig cuppa, eat my flapjack and read that mag whilst Bubba is still asleep.” Thanks ‘Don’t Buy Her Flowers’, you will be my go to for new Mum presents.

  34. Kate Williams

    Just received a care package as a birthday present from my best friend. Such a thoughtful and touching gift! I would absolutely recommend this gift to anyone – If you want to make someone feel all warm and fuzzy then a gift like this is just the trick! My friend has ordered me to enjoy this gift with a nice relaxing afternoon when my husband can take care of the kids abd I can take care of the yummy chocolates in my care package! One happy lady! Thank you x

  35. Sarah Angus

    I just wanted to share my friend’s message to me after receiving the care package that I ordered. Thanks so much for cheering a new mum up!! Great great idea, love DBHF. Best of luck with your continued success!
    Sarah x

    “Oh my god. I’ve been having a real baby blues day. Crying at everything then I’ve literally just received your gift (which obviously made me cry loads!) you are just thoughtful Sarah. I absolutely love everything and of course have eaten the flapjack before texting!!! I’m lying on the sofa tear stained but with a fabulous scarf reading glamour!!! I love you xxxxxxxxx”

  36. Loz

    My friend has just had her care package delivered and I have received a lovely gushing text from her saying how delight she is with it and its exactly what she needed! Thank you, just perfect.

  37. Lisa

    I purchased this for a friend as a well-deserved treat after the birth of her second child – she was really grateful to have received it. It was delivered really promptly and I will definitely be ordering one for new mum friends going forward!

  38. Libby Price

    I’ve now sent Care packages for a number of reasons – new house / recuperation after an accident / birthday – as well as for new babies! Every time people have been really touched.
    Today’s quote ‘I wanted to say a super duper thank you for being so blooming thoughtful.’
    I am so pleased to have found Steph and her fabulous gifts! It makes me look good!!

  39. Stacey Beck

    I bought this for my sister in law after she gave birth to her third child. She said she was so happy to receive it that she cried and the scarf is her new favourite!

  40. Deboragh pirie

    This box was delivered to my lovely mother in law just before Xmas. Family “politics” meant we were not able to see her until a few days after Xmas, and this was just a little something for her to have on her own.
    She loved the scarf (I told a fib and said I picked it!) and there were a few tears about me being thoughtful! Well she is mum to 3 grown up boys, and “mum” to me… So I’m defo the more thoughtful one!!

    Thanks again Steph! X

  41. Amy

    Having recently had our third child, life has been somewhat of a transition. Again. When I received this gorgeous care package I cried a little! The idea that someone had thought of ME, when so often I come last, made me feel very loved and special. I highly recommend this for new mums or old mums that need reminding to take some time out. That they’re doing a great job. The flapjack is phenomenal (proper weighty) and I wear the scarf most days. Beautifully packaged! DON’T BUY HER FLOWERS INDEED!

  42. Natalie Ross

    This box was loved by a new Mum, who reports being fuelled by flapjack and warmed by a scarf helped when she was flagging! Super quick delivery and would definitely order again thank you x

  43. Hannah Wright

    A lovely alternative gift, especially for all those mamas with children already. I visited my friend the day it arrived and caught her mid way munching on her chocolates and flicking through her magazine. Will definitely buy again – quick delivery even to a remote location!

  44. Emily

    SUCH a great gift, my cousin rang me in tears (the good type) after receiving hers and said it ‘made her feel really special’. Will be buying more!

  45. Alicia

    I received this care package for my birthday and it really and truly made me feel a million dollars. I had everything I needed right there to relax and think of nothing, it was perfect. Had I received it when I had had a baby I probably would have cried my little heart out to know that someone was thinking of me and what I might want or need and not just my precious babe. A truly wonderful and thoughtful present. Highly highly recommend to anyone wanting to give something different and special.

  46. Susan

    This was a great present. After having my first born I received a lot of flowers and this made a lovely change and it was great to have something for myself to use. The cook vouchers are a brilliant add on especially as cooking with a baby can be hard!!

  47. James

    Thanks Steph for such a lovely gift package!! It worked out great as a surprise ‘no reason gift’ for my wife – she loved it!! Especially the unnecessarily indulgent flapjack (“ruined her healthy day.. in a good way”), and the scarf. The packaging was lovely too… Although I’m not gonna lie, I ate the chocolates.

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