Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Thoughtful Gifts For Mother’s Day 

We have put together Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, whether you’re looking for suggestions from us or want to create something completely bespoke. All our packages are about encouraging the recipient to take some time for themselves, and we’re pretty sure that’s something most mums could do with. All packages are gift wrapped and include your personal message handwritten.

£1 of every order in March will be donated to First Days, a charity reducing the effects of poverty on children by giving clothes, equipment, furniture and toys.

With the current changing situation with Covid-19, delivery details are subject to change. We are keeping as updated as possible.

Create a Gift Package

Perfect for: that special someone whose gift you want to get ‘just right’. With over 100 products to choose from, to put together in any combination.

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The Sleep Package

Perfect for: encouraging a good night’s sleep. From indulgent bath oil to a cashmere eye mask and PJs, you can create the ultimate sleep gift. We don’t know many mums who would turn down an opportunity for more or better sleep. 

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The Bestsellers Package

Perfect for: if you are struggling to choose the right thing. These are a selection of our sixteen most popular products to make it easier for you to create the perfect thoughtful gift for mum. 

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The Unwind Package

Perfect for: pampering her. Choose from a wide range of relaxing and soothing products to help her unwind this Mother’s Day. 

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Create a Vegan Care Package

Perfect for: vegan mums! All the products in this package are suitable for vegans so you can create a bespoke thoughtful gift knowing they can enjoy everything in it. 

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The Care Package

Perfect for: the mum who needs a hug in a box. Simple products that are all about that sit down she may not have found time for recently. 

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