I recently went on the Scummy Mummies podcast, and if you haven’t listened to this pair (or seen their show) you really should because they will make you LAUGH.

They’ve got me through many car journeys recently driving back and forth to the Don’t Buy Her Flowers HQ in Stroud.

Helen and Ellie met on the stand up circuit and became a hilarious, sharp and naughty comedy duo, often found in metallic catsuits. Have a listen at the link below…

Warning: *Some* alcohol may have been consumed in the making of this podcast.

The Scummy Mummies interview with Steph:

What’s the best gift to get a new mum? Why shouldn’t you buy her flowers? And what’s the worst present our husbands ever gave us?
We answer all these questions and more in this episode, with special guest Steph Douglas. She tells us all about how she set up her own business, and why it makes women cry.