During my three years as a mother I have never used google so much in my whole life.

I honestly think that search engine on occasions may have saved my child and or marriage.

I really wanted to be amazing, I wanted to know exactly what I was doing from the off. Truth is… I didn’t. I don’t think anyone does really. We all just have to find our way through it in the pitch black, hoping we’re getting it almost close.

It’s in these moments of bewilderment and overwhelm that I think of my own mother, Sandra. I think I’ve always appreciated my Mam. I have always felt a deep sense of respect for her from a young age. She’s one of those women who is incredibly knowledgeable and oozes love and fun. From a working class, catholic household of six herself she was never short of family. Learning many of her traits from my her own mother. (Nana Bridget.)

I always remember feeling so loved by my parents when I was younger.

Now, I know that sounds silly because as you and I know most parents love their children unconditionally, but I always knew they loved me so much. It’s something that whilst growing up I never questioned once. I think this knowledge has made me the confident person I am today. It’s like their love has set me on course to always believe in myself and set out to achieve anything. Love really is that powerful, I feel.

As a family we told each that we loved each other often. We cuddled on the sofa, she sang us to sleep each night whilst stroking our hair, she listened to us and made us feel special. As a mother of three I can imagine it can become hard to spread your love evenly but I never felt like any of us were ever left out. She got it bang on.

With a nursing career under her belt she is great in a crisis, something which unknowingly she has passed onto me. She is calm and relaxing, you can talk to her about anything. Which I do. A lot.

I’m trying my best to emulate my Mam in my upbringing of my son. I hope that one day he will look back and think of me as fondly as I think of my own mother. Then I will finally know that I’ve done something right, without having to google it…..

Rosie Ramsey is mum to Robin as well as a singer, actress, presenter and vlogger, and has recently launched podcast ‘Sh**ged Married Annoyed’ with husband Chris. She is also utterly ridiculous, hilarious and honest over on Instagram.

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