‘You’re not fixing anything… sit with them… listen to them… don’t try to solve their problems’ is the advice Lorraine Candy wants parents of teenagers to take from her new book ‘Mum, What’s Wrong with You? 101 things only mothers of teenage girls know’.

Lorraine is this week’s guest on Thought-full and is a journalist, author and creator of the Postcards from Midlife podcast along with her friend and fellow journalist, Trish Halpin. She wrote her book to fill the gap in parenting conversations that seems to happen once children are out of primary school and it’s a book that members of the DBHF team who are parents to teenagers have really appreciated – they felt seen and reassured!

Steph chatted with Lorraine about the book, parenting teenagers, and also how, for many women, that stage of parenting coincides with the challenges of perimenopause and menopause. It’s an insightful, pragmatic but reassuring chat that left us feeling better equipped to deal with what the kids have in store for us in the future, and more able to have open conversations about the changes that will happen to our bodies. Thank you Lorraine!

You can keep up to date with Lorraine via her Instagram and on Twitter. ‘Mum, What’s Wrong with You’ is available as an option in our packages.