Marie Louise is a midwife, author of The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, and mum to baby Georgie. 

This month we are celebrating motherhood in all its beautiful and varied forms. Marie Louise, AKA The Modern Midwife, shares her experience of having a newborn during lockdown.

How would you describe your family set up?

Myself and Andy are new parents finding our way with our first baby! Georgie is almost 7 months now and she’s the absolute love of our lives. Me and my boyfriend (I’m still waiting for him to propose 🙂 are rather obsessed with her. I guess as far as set up goes we have only just started but plan to have a big family.

How has being a mum in a pandemic been for you?

Hard. I’ve really missed baby groups. For a few weeks we were able to go but then tougher restrictions were put in place meaning we both missed out seeing our friends. I think Georgie was starting to recognise other babies. The lack of socialising and meeting new mums has been the hardest part. I’m also a very tactile person so it’s been strange to keep my distance when I’ve seen people I know whilst out and about. Sometimes you need a hug or to give a hug but not being able to has felt alien. Thank goodness things are improving and we are coming out the other side.

What has been your favourite moment of being a mother during lockdown? 

Being in skin to skin together. I knew no one was going to turn up so I actually spent a lot of time totally naked or topless cuddling Georgie in peace. It was truly protected time together as a family too. So precious!

Marie Louise’s book Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond is an open and honest view from a midwife’s perspective. The book is available in our Pregnancy Package and has a popular Instagram account. Find out more about her courses here