Helen Thorn’s marriage ended suddenly in 2020 just as the pandemic was really starting to bite, and days before the whole country went into lockdown.

The inevitable sadness and anger followed, compounded by being unable to see family and friends for months, but in Helen’s story lies a less often told truth – that divorce can in fact bring happiness.

In this episode of Thought-full Helen and Steph talk about the reasons why Helen, and many other women, hold onto marriage so hard – how society tells us that marriage is the goal and that anyone whose marriage ends is an object of pity or judgement. Helen also explores the healing powers of friendship, the joy of taking control of her own life and ‘being the boss of everything’, and what it is like to venture into the world of dating again for the first time in over 20 years.

The chat is characteristically frank and funny and is a delicious taster of Helen’s new book ‘Get Divorced, Be Happy’. You can also catch up with Helen’s escapades as a comedian, author and slow runner (her own words!) on her social media channels @helenwearsasize18 @scummymummies

Get Divorced, Be Happy is out on 29th July. Pre-order it here and we’ll have it available as an option in DBHF packages from the 29th.