Have you ever thought about the kind of legacy you want to leave behind? This week Yvonne Telford, founder of clothing brand @kemitelford, is our guest on Thought-full.

After the tragic death of her sister she had what she describes as an outer-body experience at the funeral. She suddenly realised that no one was talking about her sister’s beautiful face or tall, slim body – they were talking about who she was and the way she had made them feel.

It was a moment that has defined every decision Yvonne has made since, including developing her small business that she started by selling tote bags and with just £50, to where it is now with turnover in the millions and her clothes stocked in John Lewis.

As well as talking about the legacy of kindness that she would like to leave behind, in this episode of Thought-full Yvonne speaks honestly about losing and then finding herself again in motherhood, about being angry and afraid, and about learning to define herself differently. Like Steph, she also advocates for moving deliberately in business – stay focused, learn from everything you do, reinvest any profit and, as currently, hasn’t taken external investment. This also means biding your time, which is something that is not always easy when we’re encouraged to want everything NOW! Yvonne is a wonderful woman and brilliant business owner and this was a chat that Steph thoroughly enjoyed.

We recommend following Yvonne, yes for her gorgeous clothes, but also because of her wisdom and infectious positivity. You can find out more about Yvonne’s clothes @kemitelford on Instagram and www.kemitelford.com.