Writer, author and mother of 5, Clover Stroud is our latest guest on Thought-full and this is a chat we think many of you will love.

Steph and Clover speak openly about birth, the ever-changing state of motherhood, relationships and commitment, Post-Natal Depression, death and grief – just some smalltalk then…;-).

From pooing during childbirth to references to life lessons from German poets – the Rilke line Clover quotes, ‘No feeling is final’ definitely makes it onto the list of words to live by – the resulting conversation is fascinating and wide-reaching as Steph and Clover chat like old friends. Clover is the author of ‘My Wild and Sleepless Nights’ which is available in a number of our packages including The Book Package and The Create Your Own Gift Package. It is a portrayal of motherhood unlike any other that we have read and vividly explores the confusion, passion, funniness, rage and deep deep love that many mothers feel.

You can find Clover on Instagram @clover.stroud.