In 2017, when we first started working with Stand Up To Cancer, Steph‘s husband Doug (who underwent treatment for a rare thyroid cancer aged 30 and who still lives with it today), set the expectation that any care package for cancer had to be bespoke – ‘It has to be bespoke because cancer is intensely personal – everyone’s experience is different.’ Mark Douglas 

In a refresh of the Stand Up To Cancer Care Package we asked five people who have given us invaluable insight into what products cancer patients find useful, thoughtful and what will bring them comfort. We kick off with Kris Hellenga.

Meet Kris Hallenga 

Kris is a motivational speaker, founder of breast cancer awareness charity coppafeelpeople and the author of the brilliant memoir, ‘Glittering a Turd’. Diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer aged just 23, Kris is passionate about getting as many women as possible to regularly check their breasts and to know the signs to look out for. Hugely energetic and always looking for the next serving of fun, Kris’s package selection reflects the balance she tries to bring to her life – making the most of every minute while making sure she also looks after herself.

Kris’s choices:

Ecostardust glitter ‘because you don’t need an excuse to wear glitter’

Pantherella cashmere socks because ‘there’s nothing more cosy and soul nourishing than getting on your comfy socks in the evening’

Bei Tempo Prosecco ‘because sometimes Prosecco is the only answer and it should defo not be saved for special occasions’.

She also included This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, Neals Yard Remedies bubble bath and recommended Ethica CBD Pure Swiss Calm CBD Oil which has helped Kris with anxiety.

The final product that Kris suggested was Epsom Bath Salts as she finds them great for relaxing in the bath. Epsom Salts were mentioned by a number of our contributors and we were able to source some lovely ones from a fellow small business with strong eco credentials: Eco Bath London.

All these products can be found in the Stand Up To Cancer Care Package.