In this episode, Penny talks to Steph about perceptions of carers and care work, mental illness, and the importance of self compassion in life in general, but especially when you are a carer. It’s a really interesting and moving conversation that we are proud to bring to you so we hope you find it as enlightening as we did, or if you are a carer yourself we hope you find it supportive. Penny speaks with great eloquence and empathy and we thank her for her time.

*TW: please be aware that this episode of Thought-full contains references to suicide and mental illness* 

The theme of Carer’s Week 2021 is ‘Make caring visible and valued’ so it seems fitting that our guest on Thought-full this week is Penny Wincer.  Penny is a writer, photographer, podcaster, mum of two, and carer. Penny has been a carer twice in her life – first to her mum, and now to her son, Arthur, who is autistic.

We asked Penny to create a gift package that could accompany her book and it includes a lovely selection of products to help relax and energise: The ‘Tender’ Carers Package. Penny’s book is also available in our Create a Gift Package and Book Package.