What is a dad’s role? That is the big question that Elliott Rae’s new book ‘Dad’ is grappling with. Elliott is the latest guest on Thought-full and in his chat with Steph he talks about the collection of essays he has curated.

By featuring the perspectives of lots of different dads the collection tries to answer that big question and in the process explores themes of mental health, masculinity and gender equality. Elliott is such an engaging and interesting speaker on the subject of how the role of father is changing, and how the media landscape and government policy need to catch up with what families already know. His hope for the book is that it will become a jumping-off point for families to have more open conversations about the ways in which they live and we are so pleased to be bringing this conversation to you this week. In the run up to Father’s Day it feels even more important to listen to perspectives on fatherhood that we don’t often hear.

Elliott’s inspiring book ‘Dad’ can be found in our Create a Man Package and The Book Package. 

You can find out more about Elliott’s work at www.musicfootballfatherhood.com @musicfootballfatherhood Instagram & Twitter @mffonline_