Last week, Clinical Psychologist Dr Emma Svanberg and I had a chat on Instagram LIVE, all about Overwhelm and Rage.

I’ve talked and written about feeling overwhelmed, and every time I get messages of ‘me too!’ – lots of us feeling like we’re drowning but not really knowing how to stop it, and then feeling guilty because we feel like we should be enjoying life more, and we know how lucky we are compared to many. We discuss this, and the mental load, and also the impact all of this has on our relationship.

I wanted to have a discussion that involved an expert because there are a lot of people currently talking about mental health online. The more people talking about it, the better, but sometimes when I scroll Instagram it feels like everyone has advice on how or what we should be doing, but a lot of that advice isn’t qualified.

Emma specialises in perinatal psychology, so focusing on pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Hearing her explain why we feel Overwhelm and how that can lead to rage (or tears or shutting people out) is really helpful, along with some advice on things we can do when we feel that way.