In this week’s episode of Thought-full Clemmie Telford talks to Steph about the importance of life-long curiosity and how collectively we should be more prepared to listen and work out what we really think about something – an approach made unpopular by the now-now-now demands of social media.

Clemmie also stresses the importance of being prepared to be wrong, and as the caveat on the front cover of her new book states, she reserves the right to change her mind! Steph met Clemmie shortly after Don’t Buy Her Flowers launched. Both were mums to small children and they connected over a shared appreciation of honesty in motherhood. Following the arrival of her third child, Clemmie embarked on using her growing social media audience to pivot away from being a Creative Strategist at Facebook to a new career as a Content Creator. She’s also the curator of, a platform where she shares lists from all kinds of people about all kinds of subjects. This interest in people’s stories also led her to create two successful podcasts – first came ‘Honestly’ followed by her current podcast, ‘But Why?’ which shares its title with the book she has written, due to be published on 22nd July.

You can preorder Clemmie’s book ‘But Why? How to answer tricky questions from kids and have an honest conversation with yourself’ at Waterstones or Amazon and find out more about Clemmie @clemmie_telford on Instagram.