Matty and Jules founded Myrtle and Maude to support parents through those early days of pregnancy and beyond. They are a small business based in Yorkshire so when we were looking to update the contents of our Create a Pregnancy Care Package we were delighted to discover their anti-nausea sweets and teas after we asked our customers what you would recommend.

As part of our Spotlight on Suppliers series we asked Jules a few questions so we could find out more about the people and ideas behind the business.

What gave you the idea for Myrtle & Maude? 

Myrtle & Maude was founded in 2017 by me Jules.  The business is Yorkshire based business, in Leeds. We specialise in natural products for the pregnancy journey and new motherhood. 

It evolved into the business it is today from a previous business venture of mine. In a past life, I worked on the Mega yachts as a stewardess I had manufactured my own design of acupressure wristbands to target travel sickness. Once up and selling I realised that a significant number of orders coming in were from expectant mothers looking for morning sickness remedies. After some research, I found a gap in the market for natural products that support women through pregnancy.  

Once deciding to move the business in this direction, Myrtle & Maude was created and named after my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother because of the family values passed down through the generations. Finding value in the earth around you and using the natural healing powers of nature were important lessons in my childhood that I carried throughout life. I grew up intimately connected to nature with fresh allotment produce always decking my family table. We still have an allotment in Hyde park, Leeds which we have had for over 40 years. 

How have you found the last 18 months? 

The first week of lockdown when everyone was panicking there was one day, we made near to nothing and I thought ”this is it, it’s OVER”, very dramatic I know!!  However, as we people were adjusting to the ‘new norm’ things started to gain momentum luckily, we have weathered the storm and come through stronger and feel very fortunate.

Have you learned anything new in the last 18 months that you will be keeping now life has (somewhat) returned to normal? 

To expect the unexpected, business can be testing however it’s made me and the business more resilient.

A lot of our packages are sent for people going through something, whether that’s illness or a break up or a tough time at work. What’s your go-to product or thing to do when you’re feeling the need for TLC? 

Ha…to be honest I pour myself a large glass of wine

What is the most thoughtful thing someone has ever done for you?

My husband, boyfriend at the time whisked me off to New York for a weekend break. NYC holds a special place in my heart as when I was 21 years old. I did a 3-month internship there and have lots of fun memories.

What one thing would you most like new mums and mums-to-be to know?

I got my team involved in this one… Relax, relax, relax whilst you can! Because you’re going to be extremely tired once the bundle of joy arrives

 What makes you laugh?

We all need a laugh – after all it has many wellbeing benefits. I love a bit of banter which I think us Northerners are known for 😉

Words to live by? 

Be humble, kind and smile because it can change someone’s day.

You can find Myrtle and Maude anti-nausea sweets and teas in our Create a Pregnancy Care Package.