Steph talks with Matthew Fray, a relationship coach and author of ‘This is How your Marriage Ends: A hopeful approach to saving relationships ’.

After his own experience of divorce, and after some soul searching, Matt had a kind of reckoning where he realised that how he had behaved in the marriage – mostly the every day little things that cause the same rows – had over time eroded trust, which led his wife to leave. Matt has used this to look at how men behave in relationships, primarily in romantic relationships with women.  

Steph and Matt discuss Matt’s ‘Invalidation Triple Threat’ Theory, as well as how male identity and masculinity impacts how men behave in relationships – often unintentionally – and how consideration is something that women do so much more than men but is essential to a healthy relationship.  

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Matt’s book ‘This is How Your Marriage Ends‘.

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