Anna Mathur is a Psychotherapist, mum of three and best-selling author of three books all aimed at helping women manage anxiety, self-esteem and calm after having children.  

With 180k followers on Instagram, Anna’s drive to take therapy out of the therapy room and support more women comes from a trickier experience with her second child, when she couldn’t keep up the façade anymore. She talks about feeling guilt and shame, and invalidating those feelings because she felt she should be good at being a mum.  

Steph and Anna talk about the biggest challenges for new mums, how these feelings can impact your relationship and what happens if you don’t recognise and allow the feelings (hint: it’s not good!). Anna gives advice on managing guilt, talking with your partner and why mothers need to show their children and everyone around them that they matter too.  

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Anna’s book; Mind Over Mother, Know Your Worth and The Little Book of Calm for New Mums

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