Aileen Barratt is the woman behind the hugely popular Instagram account Tinder Translators, where she translates the awful bios in dating apps to explain what they really mean. ‘Looking for fun’ means ‘looking for sex’, ‘girls that look after themselves’ means only thin women should apply, and we learn how to spot if a man is, in fact, married.  

After sharing funny (dreadful) dating bios and stories, Steph and Aileen get into what these profiles say about how some men treat women, but also ask why women don’t expect more for themselves. They discuss the impact of growing up in the 90s, when they may have thought they had Girl Power, but realise now that they really just wanted the approval of men.  

They also talk about what happens when women start to realise they are full human beings, with all the emotions, that they deserve to take up space and how that might impact their relationships. 

Listen to the podcast here

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