We know from the stories our kids bring home with them that teachers do more than ‘just’ teach. They referee disagreements, mend friendships, comfort and soothe bumps and scrapes, they encourage our children when they’re feeling unsure, and they sometimes teach them jokes that are actually funny so we don’t have to pretend. 

Teachers also go above and beyond outside the classroom, taking kids on sport fixtures, field trips and residentials. One member of the DBHF team was both awed and horrified to hear that when her daughter went away on her first residential trip earlier this month, an entire tent’s worth of children got so homesick that they all vomited. In their sleeping bags. In the middle of the night.  

If sorting that situation out doesn’t deserve a stonking great thank you gift, then we don’t know what does, but Google ‘teacher gifts’ and what comes back isn’t always… great.

There’s the classic ‘World’s Best Teacher’ mug – a great idea until you realise they already have a cupboard-full; a desk plant might be nice but do they really want something else to look after; and then there’s the option to ‘personalise’ a mouse-mat, pen pot, or even a cushion (!) with your kid’s face – to be honest, we’re not really sure what to say about that…

It can be tricky knowing what to buy a teacher and even though we like to think we’re pretty good at this stuff, some of our usual tips for thoughtful gifting don’t really work in this situation as you’re unlikely to know them really well. 

So, what can you buy your child’s teacher to show your appreciation at the end of the year, that isn’t going to be a waste of money, but does not rely on you knowing their exact likes and dislikes? We have thoughts…

How much should I spend on teacher gifts?

The choice of how much to spend on your child’s teacher is a personal one so it wouldn’t be right for us to say how much you should spend. If you’ve more than one teacher to buy for, end of term gifts can get especially expensive so one option is to join forces with other parents in your child’s class. 

Pool your money with a class gift for your teacher

If you pool your money you can put together something even more special by choosing from our full range of products in the Create a Gift Box. All of our products are organised into different categories such as Beauty and Skincare; Snacks, Treat and Meals; Entertainment and Stationery; Accessories; and even a choice of fiction or non-fiction books that they can enjoy while resting in the sunshine.

Whichever gift box you choose, we are confident they will love it as the products we stock are chosen with such care and attention to their quality. Taste-testing is especially gruelling work but someone has to do it… If however, you are really not sure what kind of gift box they might most, you can always opt for a Don’t Buy Her Flowers gift voucher. Available in £30 and £50 values, they will be sent in an envelope accompanied by your personal message handwritten so you can tell them in your own words just how much their hard work has meant to you and your child.

End of year teacher gifts for her

If you’d like your gift to contain some special treats for a special female teacher, our Teacher Gift Box for Her is perfect. This is a set gift box so you don’t need to worry about choosing the right products. Instead, you can be confident that the gorgeously scented tea-lights, delicious non-alcoholic Luscombe Drinks, the world’s best (certified by our founder, Steph) chocolate buttons from Montezuma’s Chocolates, and some luxury hand cream, will show her just how much you appreciate all of her hard work.

If you know she enjoys an alcoholic beverage in her downtime, an alternative option is The Gin Gift Box. This is a version of our best-selling Care Package but includes a choice of gins instead of tea – perfect for those balmy summer evenings that will soon (hopefully) be arriving. Choices of gin include a local sloe gin, ready-mixed Bloom G&Ts or you can choose an alcohol-free version. This gift box also includes a choice of magazine, snack and chocolate options, and a reusable coffee cup that’s perfect for the return to school in September (although it might be best not to mention this yet ;-). The whole gift box is about making your child’s teacher feel looked after and encouraged to take some time for herself which, we’re sure you’ll agree, she certainly deserves.

If you know it’s been an especially stressful year – think SATS, OFSTED inspections, or multiple children being sick in their sleeping bags in the middle of the night – you might want to reflect that in the gift you give her. To create a more soothing gift box, full of products to encourage her to rest and relax, you can choose the Create a Relaxing Gift Box which is a build your own gift. With products for calming, encouraging sleep and soothing weary bodies, you can create the ultimate unwind and pamper gift for her to enjoy during the summer holidays.

End of year teacher gifts for him

If your child’s teacher is a man, you might be looking for something a little different to the usual trinkets or novelty gifts that so often characterise gifts for men. The Create a Man Care Package allows you to put together a gift from a range of products from men’s skincare and relaxing products, to snacks and meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, books and stationery, and more! Putting together a thoughtful selection is a great way to wish him the best for his summer break, especially if you are joining together with other parents so you have a little more money to spend.  

Now, we know some people are a little critical of socks as a go-to gift for men, but it should be said that there are socks, and then there are SOCKS. We’re not talking about the five pack of sports socks that gets thrown in with the weekly shop at the supermarket. The BAM socks in our For Him Gift Package are some of the cosiest, softest socks there are, and the natural bamboo fibre helps with any, ahem… ‘odour issues’. In this gift box the socks are accompanied by a choice of snacks and beverages so you can tailor it to suit his preferences.

For more inspiration and ideas for end of year teacher gifts or any occasion teacher gifts, visit our Teachers Gift page.