Perhaps a loved one bought you something personalised like an engraved piece of jewellery; or a nostalgic gift to remind you of days gone by, such as a photo book or a keepsake from your childhood; or maybe it was something completely unusual and unique? 

We asked the DBHF team what’s the most thoughtful gift they’ve ever received for Christmas (or any other occasion!). Despite the gifts being completely different, they all had one thing in common – each gift was bought or created specifically for them, they were THOUGHTFUL gifts. 

What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received?  


One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts I’ve received is a photo album of the previous year. Doug used to create one every Christmas, and it was thoughtful because it’s a lovely momento to look back on, especially as the kids get bigger, but also because it’s the sort of job that I would tend to do, so it takes something off my list.  

Any gift that takes something off my list is a winner! He didn’t do it for a few years – because life was hectic and it slipped by – and then last year I got five photo books with pictures from the previous five years and they’re gorgeous. 

All our gifts aim to encourage some TLC and time out. When Steph founded ‘Don’t Buy Her Flowers’, it was after having a baby and as lovely as flowers are, they are another thing to look after and care for when you are probably doing more caring than ever before.  

Showing just how much you care this Christmas 

The Care Package was the first ever package Steph put live on and the aim was to offer some care and support to a loved one who might be going through a difficult time. Christmas is a particularly busy and stressful time, so this package is always well received. A magazine, some soothing tea, a chocolate bar and other thoughtful products that mean they feel looked after, it’s no wonder the Care Package has been a favourite since day one.  

The Care Package


I recently went camping with two other families, on the last day it rained all day and we spent the day inside (drinking a little). One of my friends bought a game of jenga blocks from the shop and spent hours colouring and drawing on each block with dares and forfeits, some of the kids helped with colouring whilst he spent a great deal of time coming up with different ideas. 

That evening we took the game to the campsite beer tent where there was twerking on the table, taking selfies in the drop toilets, singing, running around imitating a chicken and several other hysterical moments we will all remember for a long time. As we were packing up on the last day, he gave me the game. I was a little thrown, he had taken literally hours creating the blocks and handed it straight over. I’m sure we will play for many years to come and many more nights of belly hurting laughter will follow and I will always think of it as one of the most generous, thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. That and the TAG watch my wife bought me when we got married. 

Gifts for entertaining at Christmas

Our Create a Kids and Teen Gift Boxes are perfect for keeping them entertained over the festive period. You can be really thoughtful by choosing products that are suited to their age and interests. From games to activity books, reading books to delicious snacks and treats. For grandchildren, nieces, nephews or friends, you can show you have really thought about them. Plus, we have added some creative kits such as the Bauble Making Kit where they can get creative and make something beautiful (or messy!) for the tree.  

Christmas Bauble Making Kit


For my birthday one year, my husband pulled out three envelopes (a la Blind Date) and asked me to pick one. The one I picked out had a card inside with ‘A Course of your Choice’ – he knows I love to learn, so he offered to pay for me to do a Photography course. He then caved and said I could have the other two envelopes! The second was concert tickets for me and a pal, and the third was a massage. I loved how each one was something completely different and unique, he really thought about what I like to do.  

Making Christmas gifts bespoke and thoughtful  

Our most popular product is Create a Gift and this is because you can make it completely bespoke to the person you are sending it to making it really thoughtful. Whether they like dark chocolate or milk chocolate, prosecco or tea, a candle or some face moisturiser. Maybe they like a good read with a hot bubble bath, with Create a Gift you can make it all about what they need.  

This year we have also created The Festive Gift Hamper which is specifically designed for Christmas. It includes all our bestsellers as well as festive treats and gifts. A festive version of Create a Gift.  

The Festive Gift Hamper

Hannah (Robbo) 

For my 40th birthday my mum bought me a ticket to visit my brother in Australia. She gave me a framed picture which had a map of the UK and Australia and a heart outline of the journey. 

Make them feel loved and appreciated  

Whether it is for her, for him, kids or teens we have over 250 products to choose from so you can make them feel loved and appreciated. Luxury bubble bath to cashmere socks, books, magazines, chocolate or crackers. Games, scarves, beer, tea, whatever they like, you can make it all about them.  

The Bestsellers Gift Box


For my 21st birthday my Mum created me a photo album and on each page was a photo of me from birth all the way up until I was 21 yrs old. She left the last pages blank for me to fill over the years. 

Hannah (Rids) 

This is more of a thoughtful gesture than a gift but definitely worth sharing. One hot August Bank Holiday weekend we took our 18-month-old daughter to Victoria Park in London to visit some family. My husband had told me we were having lunch out in the pub there so there was no need to bring food. Rooky mistake. I should have known better. The pub was absolutely packed, in fact every café and restaurant nearby was packed and HE HADN’T BOOKED. My daughter was hungry, hot and crying and I was at breaking point. Out of nowhere another mum came up to me and said ‘sorry to bother you but I have a spare ham sandwich if you want it for your daughter’… honestly, I could have kissed her! She saw my pain, she read my situation and she came to my rescue with a ham sandwich. Hero.  

The one who loves a cheeky snack and festive tipple at Christmas (who doesn’t?)   

This year we have added a Create Your Own Food and Drink Hamper. It is different from other ‘off the shelf’ hampers in that you can make it completely bespoke to the person you are sending it to, so they’ll be no random relish or foul-tasting liquor chocolate sat in the cupboard the following year. This hamper comes in a festive gift box with your personal message handwritten.  

Create a Food and Drink Christmas Hamper


Our little boy was 18 months old and very poorly in hospital. My husband and I spent 2 weeks taking it in turns to sleep on a chair-bed in his hospital room, and were feeling rather low. A family in the room next door were also having a long stint in hospital with their little one, and one evening they knocked on our door and popped in a plate of cheese and biscuits and a can of gin n tonic, it was such a thoughtful gesture and really helped me to relax!   

The Cheese and Wine Gift Box  

The name says it all. This gift box includes some delicious organic cheddar, biscuits and a choice of wine or port. Perfect for friends or family looking for a chilled night in over the festive period.

The Cheese and Wine Gift Box

Whatever you end up giving your loved ones this Christmas, it’s bound to delight and be appreciated. Because it’s from you! And ultimately who gives the gift matters just as much as the gift.

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