When you think about the go-to gifts for the arrival of a new baby, they often don’t make much sense. Some cute new baby-gros are a practical gift, especially if you buy the next size up but who is that present actually for? Of course we want to welcome the new baby to the world, but surely it’s the new mum who deserves most of the credit and congratulations?

Flowers can also be a lovely way to mark the occasion, but it strikes us as strange that when a new mum is probably doing more caring than she’s ever done in her life, we are gifting her something else to do. Digging out a vase, cutting the stems, arranging the bouquet, and disposing of it (and the smelly water) in a couple of weeks, are all tasks the new mum could probably do without. Flowers are just one more thing that needs looking after. 

Don’t Buy Her Flowers was founded with the aim of providing alternatives to flowers as gifts for new mums. When our founder, Steph, became a mum for the first time in 2010, she was gifted 8 bunches of flowers and while she appreciated the generosity, she also thought it was a slightly bonkers gift for a new mum.

DBHF Survey – What new mums really want

According to a survey of our community that we held last year, lots of you feel the same way. 

Only 0.6% of respondents said they would like to receive flowers as a gift to mark the arrival of a new baby, while 66% of respondents told us that when they were new mums, what they really wanted from a gift was some tlc, just for them.

In the same survey we also asked our customers why they think DBHF gift boxes make a good gift for a new mum. 52% said our boxes feel like a gift that has been given some thought, while 47% said they like that they can ‘create something bespoke that I know they’ll love’.

Thoughtful, bespoke, TLC: three reasons why our gift boxes make great presents for new mums.

What can I give to a new mum that’s just for her?

Many of our gift boxes are ‘build your own’ gifts which means you choose from a range of products to create a fully bespoke gift that will suit her tastes and interests. Other gift boxes offer some ‘set’ options that you can tweak (for example, what kind of chocolate is included) and that you can also add some extra treats to. 

The one thing they all have in common is that they are gift boxes that are just for her. Whether you think she could do with some soothing products to help her rest and recuperate, or perhaps some delicious treats to help her through the relentlessness of early parenthood, you will find something for everyone in our range of gift boxes.

New Mum Gifts Under £30

Create a New Mum Gift Box

To send some simple tlc, love and support, you might like to put together a Create a New Mum Gift Box. This is a build your own gift box so you can select the products that fit her needs and your budget. You can choose from snacks, drinks and meal vouchers; beauty and skincare products; fiction and non-fiction books; accessories such as luxury cashmere socks, or a reusable cup to keep her tea warm; and more. The idea is that you know her best so you can put together the perfect gift.

Sleep Well Gift Box

If there was one thing we wish we could give all new mums, it would be a good night’s sleep. Sadly, we can’t wrap that up in a bow, but you can put together a gift box to help her make the most of every opportunity she does get to rest. The Create a Sleep Well Gift Box is full of treats that acknowledge that while becoming a mum can be incredibly exciting, it can also be super tough and tiring. Anything that helps sleep be as restorative as it possibly can be is usually very welcome. This gift box is also a ‘build your own’ gift box and you can choose from a range of products that will help her relax, such as gorgeous scented candles, a range of soothing bath products, Scentered Destress balm, EthicaCBD Calm Oil, pillow sprays, and silk eye masks or cashmere socks for a luxury treat.

Care Packages

It’s fair to say that even the gorgeous treats on offer in the Create A Sleep Well Gift Box cannot guarantee the actual sleep. One way of making her feel thought of and supported, even when she’s utterly exhausted, is with The Care Package. This gift box is the updated version of the first gift box Steph ever sold. The idea is that it offers a tired new mum, who is putting everyone else first, some encouragement to take a few minutes to herself. It’s all about saying, ‘have a sit down, you deserve it’ and includes delicious snacks, a choice of teas, a reusable cup to keep the hot drink hot, and a magazine to lose herself in for a few minutes of ‘me time’.

New Mum Gifts £30 – £50

The For Her Package

For a gift that is just for her, that even includes some alcohol-free drink options if she’s watching her alcohol intake for any reason, take a look at The For Her Package. This offers a selection of different treats for all her senses, which together encourage her to pause and breathe, and will make her feel loved.

Recovery Gift Box

If she is someone you know finds it difficult to make herself a priority, you could send her a Recovery Gift Box. All of the products in this gift box have been chosen to encourage her to take some time to recover in the peace behind a locked bathroom door, and includes luxury hand cream, foaming bath and delicious Praline Milk truffles, along with a choice of teas.

Feel Good Pamper Gift Box

Some new mums will really appreciate an opportunity for some alone time to indulge in some gorgeous skincare products. The ready-made Feel Good Pamper Gift Box includes three of our trusty favourites. Its aim is to help the new mum relax with some luxury foam bath, a Vitamin-C Brightening Sheet mask and some indulgent hand cream. 

New Mum Gifts over £50

New Parents Gift Box

The demands of early motherhood can often make it difficult for the new mum to look after herself as well as she is looking after her baby. If you think it would help to stock her freezer with some delicious, nutritious ready meals, The New Parents Gift Box might offer everything you are looking for. This gift box is designed to make life for new parents a little bit easier and includes 2 x reusable cups for the essential hot drinks, a choice of teas, a delicious brownie sharing slice for the all-important sugar-boost, an Etta Loves muslin which is designed to keep your baby’s attention, and a Cook Kitchen gift voucher.

Create a Gift Box

Finally, we realise not every new mum will have the same experience so if you’re looking for a gift that can be tailored exactly to her needs, have a look at our Create a Gift Box. You can choose from our entire range of products including everything we’ve already mentioned, plus even more, to put together the gift box dreams are made of.

Looking for more inspiration? Browse all of our New Mum Gift Boxes.